Paddy Holohan tops the Poll in Tallaght South

Paddy Holohan, the former UFC star, has topped the poll in Tallaght South tonight. The first count results from Tallaght came in shortly after midnight. In what has been a very poor showing for Sinn Fein nationally, Paddy and his Sinn Fein running mates have bucked the trend in Tallaght South. Sinn Fein look like winning two seats at least and are in the running for a third.




Paddy topped the poll with 872 first preference votes. The former UFC star’s political career is up and very much running after this showing at the polls. With Sinn Fein’s vote nationally disappointingly down  – at around 10-11% _ Paddy and his Sinn Fein colleagues polled a massive 38% of the constituency vote in Tallaght south. He most definitely now has a political base in Tallaght from which to build a National profile. I would expect he will be a definite runner in the next General election for Sinn Fein based on the results tonight.

One of the talking points in Tallaght South will be the very low voter turnout circa 27%. But tonight that won’t matter a jot to Paddy – His political career is off to the best of starts.






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