A Hypocrisy that kills Joe Biden’s campaign dead and fuels President Trump’s

Speaking plainly –  Joe Biden is fucked. I am not sure why he doesn’t seem to realise it.

Harsh language and I do apologize but true nonetheless. It is pretty simple. The video of him openly bragging about severely pressurizing the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor, means he can never, ever beat Trump in a presidential face-off.

See Video Below

Now, here’s the thing. I don’t really have a problem with what Joe Biden said or did. In isolation I don’t think most Americans do. He was acting the tough guy as Barack Obama’s point man in Ukraine. I’m even willing to believe, with a little persuasion, that his actions weren’t taken to improve the fortunes of Hunter Biden and the energy company Burisma.

Similarly, I don’t really have a problem with the conversation President Trump had with Zelensky and I have read the transcript.

But now for the tough love.

It is the Hypocrisy that kills Joe Biden.

Pretending what he did was OK and what Trump did was wrong. Essentially they were the same thing. You can’t launch a quid pro quo impeachment enquiry pointing the finger at a conversation President Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky without using Biden’s actions as a reference point.

From a policy perspective you could actually argue that President Trump was following the precedent set by Biden. That the United States deals with countries with a history of corruption using Pressure, Pressure, Pressure.

Joe Biden and his supporters may feel aggrieved by the comparison but what Joe Biden did is exactly what the Democrats claim Trump did in most people’s eyes. And it is most people’s eyes that are important.

Except of course, what Biden did was far more successful. It’s specific and it worked. And unfortunately it’s also on video.

What Trump did is still in my mind unproven and as I have said before I don’t really have a problem with what Biden or Trump did.

What stinks is the hypocrisy.

One rule for the Vice President and a different one for the President. The American pubic, in particular MAGA supporters, are all over this hypocrisy like a sniffer dog on a bag of cocaine shoved up the ass of a drug mule.

All the Democrats have really succeeded in doing is firing up the 45% of America that Trump already has in the bag – 11 months before the election. They will be laser focused now – chasing down that extra 5% needed to join them.

Annoyingly for Democrats, there is a problematic dichotomy. On the one hand Biden’s primary poll numbers are holding up pretty well so he has reason to continue. On the other senior Democrats know he can’t win the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton must be fuming, she can’t really enter the race until Joe departs. And Joe might hold strong till after Super Tuesday which will be too late for another Clinton run.

Not that third time is likely to be a charm for her.

At the moment the only one that can beat President Trump is looking back at him in the mirror.

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