As Kamala Harris exits – Time for Democrats to turn to their only Rockstar

With Kamala Harris out of the race for the Democratic nomination I wonder if the DNC are considering some bold moves?

If they’re not – they should be.

The impeachment process to date could not have gone worse for Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the rest of the House Democrats. TV audiences averaged between 11 and 13 million people for the two week show-trials. If anything people are more confused today about it than they were three weeks ago.

If the Trump Impeachment was a TV pilot the producers would unceremoniously drop it. Honestly, I cannot see a path to impeachment that Democrats can win from this point. If i am proved wrong on that in the next few weeks, I’ll be the first to admit it here

Expanding the parameters of the article of impeachment to include Russia and aspects of the Mueller report will succeed only to further muddy the waters.

Ordinary, non Washington obsessed folks will quite rightly say to themselves – Didn’t we already deal with Russia?

If they’re goal isn’t to actually get an impeachment – what is it?

All they’ve succeeded in doing, thus far, is to rally the republican base 11 months before a General Election. Be sure they won’t stand down between now and November 2020.

Bottom line, Democrats backs are to the wall, but sometimes grave adversity is the only  mother of invention.

As far as I am concerned there is only one person that can compete with Donald Trump in a General Election. Michelle Obama.

There was only ever one.

A lot of rumors have been swirling in journalistic circles that Hillary Clinton is itching to jump in to the fray again. Honestly though, she has had 2 big bites at the cherry already and fallen short. I’m not sure the country could handle another Trump vs Clinton fight. You might argue that we are still, three years later, dealing with the fall out from that HRC shock defeat. Most Republicans would phrase it more strongly.

Plus I can see no way for Hillary Clinton to win. None.

Michelle Obama on the other hand – now that is entirely different kettle of fish. Free from personal scandal, super bright, with the ability to bridge the divide between far-left Democrats and the more traditional, blue collar working class Democrats that Trump had such great success attracting in 2016. Michelle Obama is indeed an apetitising thought right now and surely must be for the power brokers in the DNC.

I’d make her a 5 point favorite against Trump from a standing start. She has a fire in her belly that is in stark contrast to her husband. She reacts quickly on her feet and irony of ironies Donald Trump has already set the precedent of a non politician holding the highest office in the land.

It would be a decided asset that the first, First Gentleman, would be a two-time President of the United States.

In the current vitriolic political arena and in an environment were no Democratic candidate is looking remotely like stepping up to the plate, Michelle Obama might just be convinced to give it a shot, in these particular set of unfortunate circumstances.

No emerging star and a faltering impeachment process.

From a purely selfish point of view it would be the Presidential Campaign for the absolute ages.

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