The Whispers are Growing….Are BAMMA Finished?

It has been a tumultuous summer on the professional Mixed Martial Arts scene in the UK and Ireland. One must finally ask the question IS THE BAMMA PROMOTION FINISHED?

The BAMMA website is still advertising a show in the 3 Arena Dublin on December 9th 2018. HOWEVER eight weeks out there is still no Event card for that date.


Ticketmaster the online booking company that BAMMA use to sell tickets for the event have no listing for a BAMMA Event on December 9th. So in other words if you use the link on the BAMMA site to book a ticket – You can’t buy one.

There has been no official comment from the BAMMA organisation that I am aware of ,to date, about it’s future.

It should be remembered that 12 months ago the picture could not have looked rosier for the UK based organisation. TV and Internet deals seemed to be in place with ITV4 and Unilad and they had previously had successful outings on Dave TV.  A quick look at the BAMMA cards from 12 months ago show that they carried successful events in September, November and December.


If you compare that to this year they have not carried a show since the 28th of June. Undoubtedly eyebrows in the MMA world were raised when the talented VP of talent relations Jude Samuel moved to Bellator during the early part of the summer.

Cage Warriors and Bellator

Cage Warriors and Bellator have made some pretty aggressive moves in the fighter market during the summer and throughout this period there has been very little by way of communication from the BAMMA organisation.

I saw early in the autumn that one of their most prized fighter assets Fabian Edwards had been allowed leave. This left him free to join Cage Warriors/Bellator it made me immediately fear for the worst. This follows on from the long running dispute the promotion had been having with Aaron Chalmers and his desire to move away from BAMMA.

It should be stated that if it is true and BAMMA are in the midst of winding down the promotion it will leave a big hole in the UK and Ireland Mixed Martial arts landscape.

The promotion held it’s debut event in June 2009 in A tournament format over three weight divisions. From those seeds it had built itself up over the years to a point of rivalling the Cage Warriors franchise.  This despite not having the Cage Warriors historic advantage of being a gateway to the UFC for fighters.

Ultimately it would seem that Bellator has taken a decision to go it alone on the European front. That comes at a huge cost to BAMMA – unless there is some backroom bartering going on as we speak.

Previously Bellator and BAMMA held a couple of joint promotions a year in the UK and Ireland and it seemed like a mutually beneficial arrangement up until this year. An official announcement can’t be far off as that Dublin Card is like a bulls-eye on BAMMA’s back.


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