Can someone tell Kelly-Anne’s husband to Shut his Damn mouth?

I want to start this piece by writing down the words Kelly-Anne Conway. She is the important one after all. As many will know she serves as counsellor to the President of the United States. Regularly between the cross-hairs of the media as an adviser to the President. For those with only a passing interest in American affairs you should familiarize yourselves with this brilliant woman before reading on.

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Her husband is George Conway and since the election of President Trump, I will try to be kind and say he has revealed himself to be quite unbrilliant.

His wife holds one of the most important and influential positions in the United States of America and by way of support,  he gets up every morning and quite deliberately makes Kelly-Anne’s job 1000 times harder.

The disloyalty to her is breath-taking.

Mr Conway, quite obviously, isn’t a big admirer of the 45th President of the United States or his administration. Many Americans are not – so that in and of itself is no big deal. I would assume though, that Mr Conway is a big admirer of his wife, and if he is, he should keep his damn mouth shut publicly.

His Twitter feed is a diabolical assault on his wife’s career. That she still manages to rise above this near daily embarrassment and treachery is to her credit and also, I might add, to the credit of a President who must have – long ago – recognized her steel.

Perhaps it’s hard to live in the shadow of her star-light I don’t know. What I do know, is that any man I encounter, of either political persuasion or no persuasion at all, that has heard of this sorry excuse of a male, would love to share a boxing ring with him for a couple of rounds of the Queensbury rules.


Does Mr Conway actually believe it’s his outrage about Donald Trump, that is the opinion, that is going to topple the President and his administration?

Does he further believe that by thieving his wife’s sparkle, fame and prestige, and then attiring himself in it, like a 5,000 dollar suit,  so as to whore his theories on twitter are the actions required to topple a President?

It is absolutely disgusting to watch. Surely, it must be horrendous to live with and deal with everyday?

Tens of thousands of other lawyers, politicians and scholars are actively engaged in trying to remove this President from office. Do they really need the assistance of Kelly-Anne Conway’s husband ?

Not content with his ongoing, obsessive twitter behavior – his Wikipedia page reveals that he is a founding member of the Lincoln Project. A group dedicated to – guess what ?

“Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” 

Let’s imagine for one nano-second that any of his nonsense was to work – and that he assisted in bringing down the President of the United States. Does he take extra pleasure  by using and wrecking his wife’s reputation, in order to do it?

Kelly-Anne Conway has huge, daily tasks to execute for this President and yes for this country – so get out of her goddamn way. It is past time that people close to this clever fool stopped enabling his behavior and firmly tell him to shut the front door.

If George Conway feels so strongly – let him run for elected office.

Does he think any reasonable person has an ounce of respect for his current and continuing actions?

They Don’t. None. Zero. Zilch.

One of the themes on Mr Conway’s twitter feed is a continuing education, for the twitter public, on what to look out for in a psychopath, presumably a presidential one.


Who knows, maybe the United States has an over abundance of sociopaths and psychopaths. What the Trump presidency has revealed unquestionably is that the country has a plethora of egomaniacs. Intellectual egomaniacs to boot. This presidency has shone a light on who they are, where they reside and who they are married to.

I’m a fence sitter when it comes to President Trump for the most part. Probably not as good as he encourages us to believe but nowhere near as evil as the elites try to force feed us to believe.

In fact, the only distinct thing the impeachment process has revealed to me, having studied it in detail, is the lengths these elites of the United States will go in order to get rid of him.  The motto on the left seems to be  ” The end justifies the means” indeed whatever means.

A quote incidentally, for all you Russian collusion lovers,  first spawned by Sergey Nechayev a Russian revolutionary. Originally defined as when a goal is morally important enough, any method of getting it is acceptable. It was later picked up and used to justify murderous acts by Lenin and Stalin. Of course things worked out swimmingly in the Soviet Union didn’t they.

Through all of this impeachment circus, I get the distinct, sneaking suspicion that if the so-called intellectual classes don’t care for President Trump rocking the boat, they won’t care too much for contrary opinions from average Joe’s like me or you.

So I find myself in the curious position, the last 3 months,  of rooting for the survival of this President. For the simple reason I hate the means they are adapting to go about it. Including the delightful antics of Mr Conway.

A series of really smart, high IQ people abhor the President. I get it OK. They may have valid reasons to feel so strongly, but whether it be Pamela Karlan, Fiona Hill or indeed George Conway, none have persuaded me that he needs to be removed from office because he is an ” imminent threat to democracy ” or any such lark.

If that phone call is impeachable – I would like to see the phone records of the last 10 President’s – for no other reason, than to ponder, how many of them would have made it to the end of Week 1 in an unimpeachable state based on the standards being applied today.

The only revealing evidence I’ve seen –  is that the intellectual class seem to use all that brainpower in the confines of box. A box of constraints, a box they refuse to look out from, a box past which, they will not apply their intelligence. Until they do, they will continue to fall short delivering their message to the rest of us – the struggling and coping classes.

The current dance to destruction the elites are on, leads to one place, especially if they manage to get a duly elected President of the United States removed from Office on such whimsical and farcical evidence. This procession led by scholarly weavers insist the Emperor has no clothes, when increasingly, it is clear, the finger waggers themselves are attired in little more than Versace Speedos.

As for Mr Conway – for the love of God – step away from the twitter account, and put on a pair of pants before your wife gets home from real work in the real world.

If you want to be helpful go cook her a nice meal. Because despite what you may heard talented, intelligent and beautiful women still have plenty of options.

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