Cenk Uygur – outraged by Bill preventing egomaniacs using the word ‘humbled’

Democratic 2020 Congressional candidate in #CA25 and all-round humble pie merchant  Cenk Uygur is reluctantly making headlines today.

He and other social media Democrat politicians are seeking to block legislation being brought by House Republicans ahead of the congressional 2020 elections in November.

The Bill entitled – Egomaniac crimes against the use of the word humble and it’s off spring words – is going down like a lead balloon with the progressive, social media, egomaniac wing of the Democratic Party.

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The Bill has sparked a war of words over the festive period. Republicans rightly point out that Democratic candidates only seem to be humbled when great things happen to them.

While 99% of the world’s population are humbled when bad things happen to them.

Uygur and other social media politicians scoff at such a ridiculous interpretation of humbleness and are targetting Republicans in vulnerable districts by labelling them humbleness denyers.

Uygur categorically denies that the sole reason he entered the 2020 congressional race is to halt the massive and repeated embarrassment of being humbled by authentic intellectuals like Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro on Youtube debates.

Many consider debating politicians much closer to his intellectual capabilities. But not Uygur.

Uygur has pointed out to this publication that the above use of  ‘humbled’ is incorrect which merely reinforces his argument about blocking the Republican Bill and running for Congress. He helpfully references the following Tweet that enshrines the correct use of the word humbled.



He promises that his first act as Congressman for CA25 will be to change the birther law on running for President. From 2024 anyone on the planet will be encouraged to run for President.

Almost no-one is wondering if this includes himself.

The Young Turk reminded Combat Arena Satire that there are currently no egomaniacs in the progressive wing of the Democratic party.



Combat Arena – Information appearing in Combat Arena Satire section is entirely satirical and is not to be taken as in anyway factual.

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