Chelsea Clinton and the Ukrainian Oligarch

A deep dive into the database of Clinton e-mails on Wikileaks, reveals another long-standing and interesting link between Hillary Clinton and a rather famous Ukrainian Oligarch. Victor Pinchuk.

It’s well known that Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk has donated millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. What the Wikileaks emails illuminate is that Hilary Clinton also dragged her daughter Chelsea into the murky world of  Ukrainian oligarchs in 2012.

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The sender of the e-mail is none other than John F. Tefft , who at that time, was the US Ambassador to Ukraine. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. Of course like any good, grovelling diplomat,  Tefft thought he was doing Clinton a favor by glorifying the contribution of Chelsea, at a gathering of Ukrainian university students. History may record, that he did the rest of us a favour by illustrating another example of cronyism at it’s finest.

Who did Victor Pinchuk pay to acquire the services of Chelsea Clinton both in the Ukraine and his follow on seminar in Davos?

The Clinton Foundation?

Was it a charitable act with no monetary reward?

It is yet another example of a Ukrainian oligarch buying influence with a Democratic Party politician’s off-spring while they are in public office. This event happened back in early 2012. If you think Ukraine is corrupt now, in 2012, it was like the Wild West on steroids.

What we can clearly see though, is that Democratic ties to Oligarchs in Ukraine go back to 2011/2012 at least. Democratic Party foreign policy meets Ukrainian capital.

So we can now add Chelsea Clinton to the names of Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz as Democratic party off-spring bizarrely linked to Ukraine’s super-rich.

Democrats have a nice party trick, a magician’s sleight of hand if you will, they want the American public to focus on Ukraine so they can impeach President Donald Trump. However they do not want you to look at anything or anyone involved with Ukraine prior to July 25th 2019. The date of the now infamous call between Trump and Zelensky.

It is clear that the Clinton ties to Pinchuk and the Ukraine go back many, many years.

Pinchuk is linked to another a high profile Democrat who happens to be running for President in 2020. Mike Bloomberg.

Guess who Victor Pinchuk’s go to guy in the United States was until yesterday?

One Doug Schoen.

Records show that as recently as 2017 Pinchuk spent 1.7 million dollars lobbying with Doug Schoen.

Doug Schoen


Indeed, Pinchuk has paid Doug Schoen millions in lobbying and other fees over the last 20 odd years .

Yesterday, Doug announced that he will be working exclusively on Mike Bloomberg’s Presidential campaign. Schoen, in a press release, informed the world that he would be cutting ties with his client Victor Pinchuk for the duration of the Bloomberg campaign.

I wonder if it’s occurred to Doug Schoen that being closely tied to a prominent Democratic Presidential candidate’s campaign, one that has a bottomless pit of money, is exactly the kind of influence Pinchuk pays good money to acquire.

Not to worry though, Schoen’s future fee structure will probably treble in the event of Bloomberg getting elected.

And if all of this isn’t exciting enough, guess who purportedly introduced Hillary Clinton to Victor Pinchuk all those years ago.

Yep…..Doug Schoen.

Amazing how the same characters in the Ukraine drama series keep popping up.

Incidentally, Pinchuk was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament from 1998 to 2006 for Labour Ukraine. Smart guy that he is – he got out of politics in 2006.

Oligarchs have a longer life expectancy than politicians in Ukraine.

They get to meet Elton John too.





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