Clan Wars 33: Andreeas Binder’s – 7 Day Fight Preparation

Clan Wars 33

This evening we are profiling Welterweight Andreeas Binder fight week preparation ahead of his CLAN WARS fight on November 17th 2018.

Andreeas and Stu Mulpeter fight for Welterweight Title at Clan Wars 33 tomorrow.

DAY 1:

Andreeas began his fight week preparations by winning Gold at the Connaught Judo Championships at 81Kg.  So from a athletic performance perspective he is in great shape. The fight in Clan Wars is at 77 Kg against a formidable opponent in Stu Mulpeter who fights out of the SBG stable.

Tomorrow i start water loading , so pump up to 6 litres of water from Monday-Wednesday


Day 2:

So today I woke up at 10:45am went to work from 12-2 and then I went to my gym Galway City Gym where i do all my cardio and did 45 mins cardio. Skipping to treadmill, boxing bag and then bike, I went to town for an hour or so and got all my fight gear. I get all my sponsors done at Print on Galway.

I had my first meal at 4  – my meal prep comes from Fuel 4 life, I went to training then at 6:30-8 for technical wrestling work and striking.  Now back home had my 2nd meal again from my sponsors fuel 4 life a prawn salad, and getting ready for work. I work in the local nightclub from 10:30 pm til 3:00 am


DAY 3:

I woke up at 11 am and went to work from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.  Then straight after work I went to the gym were i did my fasted cardio for 1 hr.

Once finished I headed home then around 4 and I had my first meal:

Salmon peas, broccoli and sweet potato

I water loaded throughout the day 6 litres of water. I had a nap for 1.5 hrs before training, because i finished work last night around 3 am.

I went to a very hard Wrestling and then had a striking class from 7:30-9:30.  I then came home and had my 2nd meal:

Turkey mince, asparagus and broccoli.

I’m off tonight so gonna be an early night sleep at 11 “

Thoughts on the day: Training is going unreal with 4-5 lads. I just did a lot of positional work  under the close eye of Ben my coach.

My weight is falling off nicely I’m 79.6 kg so going to be a healthy, clean Weight cut

Day 4 and 5:

Yesterday I woke up at 12. I did my last cardio session at 1-2 in the Galway City Gym. I then did 30 minutes pad work and position escapes with my coach Ben at 7-7:30.

It was my last day water loading so I drank 7 litres, I then had work from 10 pm till 3:30 am. 

Today I slept in till 3 and got up and had 2 boiled eggs my only meal for the day.

I had 500 ml of water throughout the day. I am nearly on weight at 78 kg. The last kg will come off tomorrow in Epson Salt bath and sauna. I got a haircut today to look fresh and gonna watch T.V. for the evening and chillax – before the Weigh In’s for Clan War’s in the morning 


Day 6: 

” I was up at 10 am and  did my Epson Salt Bath for 15 minutes. I then hit the treadmill with the sauna suit on for 10 minutes. finally I then sat in the sauna for 10 minutes to cut off the last Kilogram. It was managed perfectly then went and made my weigh-in. Then I re-hydrated a lot of coconut water. I had a boojum then I just spend time with my family and my girlfriend.

A happy fighter is a dangerous fighter so I’m ready to put on a show tomorrow! “



DAY 7: The story enfolds tomorrow afternoon in Belfast. Tune In


Many Thanks to Andreeas for taking the time to work with me on this in the lead up to CLAN WARS 33.

Feature Photo From William G Strain – Check out his Photography Here

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