Conor McGregor and the Ultimate Boxing Championship?

Jul 12, 2017; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; UFC president Dana White speaks at the podium before Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather speak during a world tour press conference to promote the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor boxing fight at Budweiser Stage. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I think a lot of things about Conor Mcgregor are hidden in plain sight. If you do a search of Mcgregor quotes you’ll find more than you bargained for but I’m going to focus on this tweet he put out in 2014 and why i think he may not be much longer in the fight world competing.


If we know anything about Conor Mcgregor it is that he has a huge appetite for knowledge. We see this not only in his approach to MMA and his recent sojourn into boxing but also in other area’s around the fight game. You talk to him about fighting and he’ll spend half an hour telling you how he studies the movement of Orangutans.

He’s an outside of the box thinker and he’s not afraid to embarrass himself. The most amazing thing to me about the immediate post fight press conference was how quickly and in minute detail he was able to break down segments of the fight and where he had made mistakes. Now you may not agree with his assessment – but i have to say, to date, I haven’t heard any commentator give a better one. He was the first one to bring up his issues with gassing out, which was a rather inconvenient truth to acknowledge given his recent venture with the Mac Fast cardio program. However while defeat hurts him it also gives him, I believe, a renewed impetus to learn. To make himself better. There was almost an excitement in his voice when he was breaking down the 10 rounds with Floyd.

Conor understands the power of social media like no other athlete on earth. Once he began to figure out the mechanics of his popularity i.e. that his every photo and interview were huge twitter, Instagram and YouTube hits he formed Mac life Productions. He understood or learned very quickly that owning, producing and releasing your own content is hugely beneficial in terms of setting the narrative but it is also a highly, highly lucrative business in it’s own right when done correctly.

We can see that Mac-life is already looking to the future and has started to publish non- Conor Mcgregor content as well. Given time and the kick start of having a great lead character this will very likely lead it to being one of the largest MMA media sites in the world.

So bearing his thirst for knowledge in mind and my starting quote of his, what will he have soaked into his brain about the world of boxing?

No doubt he will look at and possibly set to address his evident shortcomings in the ring and apply what he’s learned.

Most people are focused on what he will do next in terms of fighting. Will he return to boxing and fight Paulie Malignaggi or deal with the logjam he has created back in the UFC and fight Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov or Nate Diaz. At this stage of his career he makes the correct decisions in this regard – in his sleep.

To that end,  my money is on a return to the UFC for one more fight and possibly a boxing match up after that. From a financial viewpoint it doesn’t really matter he is firmly wedged into 40-50 million a fight category now.

However what I really think he will have gleaned over the last 3 months is how badly boxing is both run and promoted. How closed to new ideas it is. Can you imagine Ido Portal working with Triple G or Canelo?  I don’t fucking think so.

What i think is going to really light his imagination on fire is the Boxing promotion side of things. I do not think it was a co-incidence that every-time that Dana White was photographed during the lead up to the fight he was either wearing a T-shirt that said Zuffa Boxing (Zuffa being the promotional vehicle the Fertita brothers use in their business related activities) or If he wasn’t wear one of those he was wearing a McGregor Promotions garment.

Now when I said boxing promotion business what i mean is this The Ultimate Boxing Championship. So ask yourself this question. Would the UFC model if applied to boxing work?. I think the answer is yes.

Ask yourself another question. Would the Ultimate Boxing Championship work better than any or all of the current 4 world bodies of boxing?. I think again the answer is yes.

So what would it take to create something like this. It would require the signature of possibly 150 to 200 fighters and maybe start initially with only 4 or 5 weight classes. You could start signing Olympic / world championship level amateurs to the promotion. Maybe a few recently retired world champs or god forbid current world champs !!

All that is left then is to market the shit of it.

Only one problem – That would have to be some fucking marketing guy wouldn’t it? Oh wait a second we have that guy………..

Yeah but hold on a second what would it cost? Maybe 60 – 100 million to get off the ground.

Oh wait a second …………We have those guys right here in Las Vegas, the belly of the beast, walking around with 4.2 billion in their back pockets.

It’s a bit out there isn’t it? ….Well so is watching Orangutans swinging from tree’s…..right up, of course, until the moment it isn’t.


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