Conor McGregor reacts to threats 'Come me and get me '

” Any reaction to the threats on your life? ”  –     RTE News Reporter
” Come and Get me ” –   Conor Mcgregor outside Dublin District Court yesterday
Conor McGregor was in court yesterday to face a speeding fine. To the consternation of the Courts he had previously failed to appear before the bench on this relatively minor charge. To the bemusement of other motorists appearing on the same charge on the same day he brought all of the Irish media with him. As to the offence itself the judge slapped him on the wrist and let him away with a £400 fine.
However the assembled media weren’t interested in his motoring offences, they were interested in the alleged threats to his life.
As he jumped in his 120 grand sports car an RTE reporter shouted
” Any reaction to the threats on your life? “
” Come and Get me ”
Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you will have heard that Conor McGregor has allegedly got himself involved in an altercation with some Irish Gangsters/ Drug Mafia.
This  follows a much reported about alleged event in a Dublin Bar last weekend where he may have thrown some punches. The word here in Ireland is that an altercation did happen but the identity exactly of who that person is remains a mystery. Some reports have at as a father of someone who is heavily involved with the Kinahan family. Some other reports are that it was an associate of the father that got hit.
Nobody on either side is talking.
What gives this particular episode credence is the source of who is reporting it. Nearly every internet site reporting on this is basing their offerings off the story that Paul Williams, the respected Irish crime journalist wrote earlier in the week. In that article he referenced the fact that the Kinahan Cartel are basically not the type of people you want to be fucking around with.
The opening line of his piece gives you an indication of how serious he viewed the situation on November 29th
Nobody should underestimate or play down the serious and perilous situation that Conor McGregor now finds himself in – Paul Williams
Williams credentials on Ireland’s gangland wars and drugs cartels go back to the 1990’s and pre-date even the murder of Sunday Independent journalist Veronica Guerin in the mid 90’s. Paul Williams angle on this story isn’t the Conor McGregor one  – it’s the Kinahan one. If Paul says he has a source on this story his past history shows that it is creditable.
He knows the Irish underworld and has contacts in it like no one else in Ireland. So when a lot of people argue that this is all a publicity stunt by McGregor I would tend at this point to possibly disagree. If Paul Williams changes his mind on the situation – then so will I.
The fact that the State owned Irish Broadcaster had cameras at his court appearance for a road traffic offence is also an indicator. As far as i am aware it was an RTE journalist that posed the question i referenced above about the threats to his life.
RTE wouldn’t have asked the question, unlike your average blogger(myself Included!),  if they didn’t have some basis for asking it.
Now a lot of people have been saying that there is either a 900,000 euro hit or 900,000 euro ransom on Conor McGregor’s head. I have not been able to ascertain a creditable source for this particular rumor and it seems to be distracting from the actual issue in question.
The Kinahans and Mcgregor are originally from the same stomping ground in Dublin 12. Is there an issue between them?. Probably
Is it likely to lead to his death or the payment of 900,000 grand – eh i don’t think so. For once his celebrity probably trumps the Kinahans infamy.
Keep an eye out for anything Paul Williams has to say on the subject and i’ll leave the final paragraph to him
I just want to make a comment about this. Conor McGregor is potentially in very, very serious danger, I hear that from my sources and from looking at the lay of the land. He has ended up crossing swords- accidentally or however –  with some very, very heavy people, or some people who are related to some very, very heavy people who could pose a very serious threat to his safety, and potentially his life. And I don’t say that lightly.
And these people, you have to remember – as I keep saying – they don’t care, they don’t have parameters, they don’t have boundaries, they don’t discriminate between whether you’re an international sporting icon or just a man on the street. They shoot you, they injure you, they do whatever they want to do.
I think it’s extraordinary. And I think in the next 24-48 hours, I believe that An Garda Síochána will be approaching Conor McGregor and saying to him, ‘By the way, we just want to officially inform you that potentially your safety is at risk’.
I think it’s an extraordinary state of affairs. And watch this space. – Paul Williams Newtalk Presenter

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