Dana White Fucks up UFC Lightweight division #UFC223

Just how the f*ck was Khabib Nurmagomedov allowed to fight for the UFC Lightweight belt against Al Iaquinta?

It makes an absolutely mockery of the entire Lightweight division. It was bad enough that Max Holloway was allowed parachute in for a shot at the Lightweight title but once that fight was cancelled so too should any fight for a title.

This is not a rant against Al Iaquinta – fair play to the boy for stepping in at the absolute last minute to fight. Not only did he fight but he took Khabib to all 5 rounds. If Nurmagomedov is as good as everyone is saying he is – he should’ve been able to finish Al Iaquinta inside the distance. He didn’t – but his head is probably in a spin having prepared for 3 different fighters!

Can you imagine if by some quirk of fate Al Iaquinta had won?. What an absolute Sh*tfest we would be waking up to this week. A paperweight lightweight champ. This whole fight week for UFC223 was like some bad audition for WWE status. Absolutely crackers stuff altogether.

The fact is, in stripping Conor McGregor Dana created this mess. The only legitimate reason for stripping him of the belt is,  if it was to facilitate Khabib and Tony Ferguson facing off against each other.

No-one else deserves a shot at this stage. Last Saturday’s fight should have been relegated from a title shot the moment Holloway couldn’t make it to fight night. For the record, I think Max would have gotten badly beaten by Nurmagomedov had that fight gone ahead. As much as the featherweight has improved over the last couple of years I believe the step up in weight would have been a killer for him.

Have you ever seen such a subdued crowd reaction after a fight?. Joe Rogan did his best to try and generate some crowd enthusiasm but you could tell EVEN he was faking it.

It doesn’t help when fighters immediately start rabbiting on about God and all that gooble-dee-gook. I understand Khabib gets great solace from his Muslim heritage and it’s not like there aren’t tonnes of christian athletes doing the same thing but can we PLEASE keep religion out of the bloody Octagon. If you want to thank these deities go back to the quiet of the dressing room.

As a famous man once said when asked about all these athletes finding the Lord.

” Well it’s seems to me a lot of these guys that find God ain’t getting along to well with anybody else!”

Conor McGregor might concur with that one.

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