Donald Trump needs 1 hour of your time more than $10 of your money – But he needs it now.

Tucker Carlson made a very powerful point, a couple of nights ago, that got me to thinking. The observation was that many Republican politicians are not doing enough to convince America to vote for Donald Trump or indeed to Vote for themselves, the Republican candidates. They are not working hard enough.

The reason that 4.3 million people have been watching him every night for the last three months is that – He is right.

But what can you do ?

It’s a good and fair question. The good news is a little will go a long way. As your opponents have such a very bad case.

They, the Democrats, are anti-law & order and anti-free speech. They are as close to being anti-democracy as anyone remembers. They’re a bunch of other weird stuff and weird ideas as well. It’s a terrible platform.

So let’s do a little recap of what the world will look like if Joe Biden & the DNC get control of all 3 branches of the U.S. government. The following vista faces the country which has huge implications for the wider western world as well.

  1. 15-20 million currently illegal immigrants will be given a path to citizenship and immediate access to a vote. Republicans will never win a national election for at least a generation. They have made this clear.
  2. Democrats are pro-free speech only on the understanding that they must fully control your thought process. Criminals of the mind.
  3. Your favorite swamp will be given statehood and the 2 additional Senators Nancy Pelosi so craves. There is already a bill seeking to achieve this in the House.
  4. The Supreme court will be magically expanded from 9 to 15. Frequently repeated by House and Senate Dems.
  5. The Police will be systematically dismantled with massive reductions in funding. NYPD has already been cut $1 billion dollars.

I won’t even get into the crazy economic policies – we all know them. You would imagine the above is not a platform to win a kindergarten election never mind a general election. But it is and curiously at the moment, in the swirling chaos of the present moment, it is winning.

The question is how can you fight back?

As Tucker Carlson vividly illustrated in his opening monologue – too many of your elected representatives are not listening or too little engaged. Scratch them even a little and they admit it, as in the case of Senator Braun of Indiana on Tucker. You will need to lead the fight and embarrass them into action. Embarrassment is one of the few languages politicians understand.

Donald Trump raised $131 million in June. I think Biden raised about 10 million bucks more. Suffice to say, lack of money will not lose the election but the number got me thinking. What if you and all the other you’s out there, aimed to spend 131 million hours of your time in July supporting and promoting your candidates, and your President in addition to this 131 million dollar of funding. You do it online. Now do it off line. I know that many of you do but many, many more are needed.

Much of the political game like the discourse is played online nowadays. Far too much of it but that is also to your advantage. It means the real world is not as congested with loud voices and loud opinions.

A quiet word with a neighbour or barbecue in your neighborhood can do more than 1,000 retweets. Simple, small acts of activism. A phone call. A car drive. A Lunch-time chat. A sudden appearance at a politicians door.

Most of us understand, that 1 real-world friendship is worth more than 100 online buddies. Similarly, 1 real-world active hour fighting for someone’s vote is worth more than the 10 bucks you entrust to a campaign to do it for you. Or more than 10 online hours fighting with an enemy who is never going to change his/her mind. But merely enrage you.

The allies you require are not on-line. They live in the real world and in this world they can be convinced to open their mind and perhaps then change their mind. Your argument is stronger than your opponents. One hour of your time might be all it takes.

And people will talk to you too. Most will be delighted to talk, if for no better reason than an appreciation for the hour of human connection, and the effort made to make them believe their vote and opinion is so worthwhile and valuable. Especially in these troubled times.

Go make your case. Hell, form a small group to make your case. As Tucker Carlson so pointedly reminded us

The media won’t do it.

Your public representatives won’t do it.

So you’ve got to do it.

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