February 18th: Dr Liu Zhiming Dead and 3,019 Wuhan medical workers infected

Chinese communist party officials are reeling today after announcing the death of Dr Liu Zhiming from the novel coronavirus. Dr Zhiming was head of surgery and director of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital. Zhiming was at the forefront of Chinese organisational efforts to fight the outbreak in the Hubei province.

Chinese officials initially refused to certify the death of Dr Zhiming yesterday, until finally this morning (Tuesday) they released a short statement confirming his passing. His death firmly re-focuses the spotlight back onto the Wuhan health authorities and infrastructure. Particularly, it’s inability to contain the sheer volume of people infected with the disease thought now to be in the millions.

Chinese authorities have announced the addition of a further 10 quarantine centres in Wuhan. However, leaked reporting from the city indicates that many of these quarantine sites do not even have doctors available to evaluate the people presenting to them. Leaked video footage from one quarantine site shows dead bodies lying on the floor for hours. The dead interspersed with the still living.

Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention released figures yesterday that report that there are now 3,019 medical personnel infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan. Critically, over 1600 of these workers are in a condition described as ‘critically severe’

We reported late last week that the official figures provided by China, on medical personnel infected with the disease, was over 1,700. These reported numbers have almost doubled in 4 days. The fatality rate amongst medical workers is much higher than the 2.1% the CCP are reporting to the World Health Organisation in their daily statistics. The Chinese official figures indicate that approximately 14% of patients infected with the coronavirus, to date, in Wuhan hospitals, end up developing serious illness and moving up to a classification of critically severe. Based on China’s own figures this particular statistic is over 50% for medical workers. It is just another example of the misleading, if not downright false, reporting coming out of Wuhan.

All indicators point to a public health infrastructure that has collapsed inside of Wuhan. 

The World Health Organisation still continue to publish, Chinese reported, daily infection statistics. These statistics bear no resemblance to the reality on the ground. As seen below, reporting from the provinces, outside Hubei, are almost non-existent. The WHO team in China are currently still not allowed into Wuhan. In the last 24 hours President Xi has again refused entry into China to the US Center for Disease Control.

February 18th – WHO statistics.


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