George Soros and Steven Spielberg personally fund the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund

The world has a trust problem at the moment. Institutions and even private companies and individuals that we generally had public goodwill towards no longer seem trustworthy.

You may have wandered into this article and quite rightly the first question any sensible person would ask is: Can I trust what this guy is saying?

I’m an observational journalist and to that end I focus on trends rather than producing content that is a response to the latest presidential tweet or whatever breaking news is on the CNN ticker tape. As election season is upon us – political fund-raising is piquing my interest. Following the money is never a bad idea in my experience.

If I make a claim or identify something as a fact, you’ll find a link or a snippet to where I found the information contained in the piece. And you can make your own judgement call on it. The trends I am most interested in surround where the pockets of power are in the western world and most importantly who controls them.

The longer I have written, the more convinced I have become, that these power centres are too frequently not within the grasp of the average person or indeed affected by their vote. This worries me and I’m pretty sure it worries a good portion of you guys too.

Despite what you may have heard it is a great time to be a writer. Not for the monetary reward but for the content reward. One of the curiosities in the current age is that there are vast swathes of subject matter that Big Media don’t want to cover. It is my opinion (not fact!) that the reason for this is that the power players in our world don’t want the average Joe or average Josephine to focus on it.

To that end I wanted to talk about George Soros and more specifically the Open Society organisation of which he is the founder. Now, It is at this stage that I like to introduce a fact or two.

In 2019 the Open Society spent the following monies lobbying elected officials and government.


Total Lobbying Expenditures, 2019


This marks the largest financial investment by the Open Society in it’s history. Many people question if the Open Society and in particular George Soros, are in some way funding shadowy groups involved at the edges of the rioting and looting that is taking place across the world at the moment. Not the largely peaceful protesters but the not quite in focus elements stirring tensions and encouraging violent uprisings.

There is no definitive proof the Open Society are directly involved. All we can point to is that during the Trump Presidency Open Society funding and lobbying has gone through the roof. See below.

George Soros also donates to big Democratic fundraising initiatives on a personal basis along with his son Alexander. They are both big supporters of the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund PAC.

For the uninitiated PAC is shorthand for Political Action Committee. The fundraising arm of these committee’s usually run in two-year cycles that map the congressional, senate and presidential races. The 2019-2020 fundraising activities of the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund are nothing short of stunning.

They have raised over $ 21 million up to April 2020 filed accounts. In the 2017-2018 cycle this particular PAC only raised a little over $ 3 million dollars. This fund is definitely worth keeping an eye on and is due to file it’s next quarterly fund raising activities in July.

The money in this PAC is used for three separate activities and curiously enough Nancy Pelosi benefits from it for her own personal congressional fundraising needs. See Below.

As you can read for yourselves, almost $ 2 million has been poured into her own CA 12 re-election race. The supporters of the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund are a who’s who of modern day globalists. Both in the corporate field and in the personal donation arena. It is quite shocking how the leader of a party of the left accepts such huge donations from the global elite.

A PAC where investment banking meets Walt Disney. Literally. Not many on this list are big champions of the type of Democratic socialism Alexander Ocasio Cortez and the populist left currently espouses.

The list of personal donors is even more spectacular. George Soros has personally donated 250,000 to this Fund. His son Alexander another 150,000. As Nancy Pelosi is drawing monies from this fund for her own CA 15 race you can quite literally draw a line and say that George Soros is personally funding, in part, the re-election of Nancy Pelosi through his donations to the Nancy Pelosi Victory fund.

The Nancy Pelosi Victory fund has 27 donors that have individually contributed more than $250,000 each. Imagine living in a world where you could afford to personally donate that kind of money to a political party. Steven Spielberg and his wife have donated over $500,000 dollars to this fund. See below a snapshot of some of the other donors to this PAC.

The full listing of donors for the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund can be found here on the Federal Election Commission website. Again, It’s a who’s who of the rich and famous.

I’m not sure that the Green New deal means exactly what Alexandria Ocosio Cortes thinks it does. It’s flush green in dollars though.


Sourcing for this article was from and the Federal Election commissions website.

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