Has a plea deal already been done with Ghislaine Maxwell?

Finally, the long arm of the law has caught up to Ghislaine Maxwell today. To be frank, I didn’t think it would when I wrote my original piece on her two weeks ago.

Let’s hope authorities do a more robust job of keeping her alive than they did with her boyfriend. Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire and was expected to appear in court later today. It is not known how long she has been in the United States and whether she required, how shall we put this, assistance (foreign and domestic) getting transferred back to the United States. Details have also emerged that the property she was arrested in, is registered to an LLC, that she appears to control.

The charges were brought by the Southern District of New York by acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss. Does that District ring any recent bells?

It should. President Trump and AG Bill Barr recently fired the DA of SDNY. I can say with no little certainty that Ghislaine Maxwell would not be under arrest today had the Status Quo remained in the District Attorney’s office. Are the pieces of this mosaic starting to come into focus for you now?

Social media and the TV Networks are ablaze with speculation about what she knows and who she may implicate. Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the subject of so much legal and political interference will now fully emerge into the light. What is on it, according to police sources, is the most terrible kind of darkness. Between Maxwell and this laptop, many important people are now mightily uncomfortable.

For a cast of characters. Go back in time a little and start asking questions there.

Cast your mind back a week or two and try to remember all the people who clamored the loudest in opposition to the firing of the SDNY District attorney. Also, try and recall the list of specific people that are currently attempting and so impassioned about impeaching the Attorney General.

Ghislaine Maxwell was brought fully into the US public consciousness by the recent documentary series on Jeffrey Epstein. Today marks a very important day as Ghislaine Maxwell may very well have information that could decide the Election but more importantly, save the lives of hundreds of trafficked girls and young women.

Law.com detailed Ghislaine Maxwell indictments as follows”

” In an unsealed indictment signed by acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss, prosecutors in the Southern District of New York accused Maxwell, formerly a prominent British socialite, of befriending girls as young as 14 to engage in illegal sex acts with Epstein and then lying under oath about her involvement.

According to the indictment, Maxwell “enticed and groomed” the girls for the illicit sexual encounters by taking them shopping or to the movies. Maxwell, prosecutors said, also discussed sexual topics with the girls and sometimes undressed in front of them in order to “normalize” the abuse “

There are many questions in the day’s and weeks ahead and one of the first ones will be:

Has a deal already been done?

Our earlier investigation into Ghislaine Maxwell is detailed below this piece

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My Earlier Piece on Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell holds the key to the pyramid of pedophiles. Who is protecting her?

There are many disturbing, deviant and remarkable aspects to the recent Netflix series Jeffrey Epstein – Filthy Rich but one of the most troubling ones – is how little effort journalists and the various strands of law enforcement are making to find Ghislaine Maxwell.

Even a cursory scratching at the surface of her persona and life leads to further questions. The end of any story-line or indeed investigation should come not when all the questions have been answered necessarily but when all the questions have been thoroughly asked.

A quick example. Ghislaine Maxwell has made three US political donations in her life. The amounts she donated are nominal enough figures and not that revelatory. The who is somewhat more interesting.

In 2007 she donated $2,300 to the Hilary Clinton Presidential campaign. This has been lightly reported, but I will say that it has been reported, once or twice before, in some mainstream publications.

But this is not the most compelling part of Ghislaine Maxwell’s political donations. The other 2 donations are far more interesting. The donations were to the same individual – one Gary King.

$ 4,000 in two separate contributions. Why did Gary King deserve $ 4,000 to Hilary’s $ 2,300?

Indeed, who is Gary King you might ask. I know I did. Well, first of all he was a Democrat. And in 2004, at the time of the donation, he was a congressional candidate for US House of Representatives.

Unfortunately for Mr King he was unsuccessful in his attempts to win election despite the support of one half of the most insidious pedophile couple in modern history.

However, a few years later this same Mr King had a little more success visit his life. He became the Attorney General for New Mexico. Yes, from 2007 to 2015 Mr King was the chief law enforcer in the entire State of New Mexico. A time when Jeffrey Epstein was doing god knows what to God knows who. Mr King certainly didn’t have any success applying New Mexico law to the evasive Mr Epstein.

New Mexico for those of you that are unaware, was home to one of Jeffrey Epstein’s multi-million dollar estates, Zorro Ranch in Stanley, and the location where a number of young girls in the documentary and beyond the documentary were abused.

Now, I am no Sherlock Holmes but If I was a Washington Post reporter with a nice fat expense account, I think I could knock quite a few questions out of an investigative trip to New Mexico. And quite a few stories getting to the bottom of this loose thread in the US life of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffrey Epstein himself, as we all know, was also a frequent small donor to the Democratic party and on at least one occasion in 2000, a $25,000 donor to a Democratic Super Pac.

The interesting thing about making a contribution to a Super Pac is that the PAC files accounts. And all of the other contributors to that Super Pac are available to view. This particular one has the decidedly unglamorous name of the DSCC/NON-FED UNINCORP ASSOC.

The fundraising group was in existence for about 4 years until the end of 2002. As far as we can tell, Epstein only ever made the one, $ 25,000 contribution to the group. It is an interesting who’s who of Democratic patrons though. From Billionaire bankers, philanthropists and even a famous Hollywood movie star thrown in for good measure.

Obviously, there is nothing concrete to suggest that the other people donating to this Super Pac even knew Epstein. But I am sure it is very likely that some portion of them did. So again I would be wondering why this avenue of investigation has never seen the light of day. I mean this was a period of time when Jeffrey Epstein was not on the radar as a sex offender, and it could well be, very revealing to anyone with the time and resources, to investigate the people that were contributing to this Democratic party fund raising effort at that time. I mean, that is, if you REALLY wanted to get to the bottom of all this evil.

Have a look for yourselves if you are interested – Link to the Federal election commision filings for this Super Pac are below.


The Epstein donations have a curious look to them over time. It is often reported that he contributed to both the Democratic and Republican parties. This is mis-leading to a degree. In almost all of Epstein’s donations to the Republican Party he lists his New Albany mansion’s address in Ohio. This is significant as it is the same location as the billionaire Les Wexner.

Wexner grew a business empire after starting The Limited, a clothing retailer with a restricted selection of profitable items, and later expanded his holdings to include Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, and Bath & Body Works. Wexner announced the sale of a majority stake in Victoria’s Secret to Sycamore Partners, and stepped down as CEO of L Brands in February 2020.

We know from the documentary that Epstein held considerable sway, for whatever reason, over Les Wexner and that Epstein at one point was officially and legally designated with responsibility for a significant portion of Wexner’s financial assets and wealth including but not exclusive to Wexner’s company’s charitable and philanthropic donations.

Wexner was a Republican. It is not wild speculation to assume that these Republican donations were in some way tied to Epstein’s relationship with Wexner. All of Epstein’s personal donations to the Democratic party were made from his Florida, New York or St Thomas addresses.

Again the Wexner relationship, is another, that has not been fully excavated by anyone. Other than the laughable comments made by Les Wexner in the Netflix documentary.

Many, have described Epstein’s solicitation of young teenagers in Palm Beach, Florida as a pyramid scheme. One girl is introduced to him and then encouraged to recruit more. It is certainly true. However it leads to two questions that are not explored, in a meaningful way, in the documentary. And because they are not the documentary is much the poorer for it.

The first is a simple question. Why wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein worried that one or more of these girls would tell a parent, a teacher or go to the police?

You might think this is mere arrogance or an indication that he was unable to control his deviant desires but I doubt it. And the reason I doubt it is because of Ghislaine Maxwell. He wasn’t alone. Any mistakes would have been picked up by her and dealt with.

Yet neither of them seem particularly worried about getting caught by authorities. The reason for that, I would surmise, is because if the procurement of innocent children was a pyramid scheme then the procurement of monsters to abuse them was also a pyramid scheme. And that some of these monsters had the power to protect them from the law. What the documentary fails to explore is the other side of the equation. Who was in the pyramid scheme of monsters and where in fact did Jeffrey Epstein fit, in that pyramid.

My gut tells me it wasn’t at the very top and that is why he is dead. Indeed one would wonder if Ghislaine is and was someone higher up this particular food chain. It leaves open the question how many pyramids of abused girls are still out there? And monsters abusing them.

This leads me to the second question and disappointment with the documentary series. Vicky Ward a writer for Vanity Fair had the goods on Epstein as far back as 2003. Her expose was pulled by the publishers before going to print. It is the second time I have seen a journalist rage and cry over the Epstein story. The other being the ABC anchor, Amy Robach, who was inadvertently recorded on a hot mic despairing over her network’s decision to kill an airing of their findings on Jeffrey Epstein.

Why were two independent, powerful media organisation afraid to publish the story? – I think it is safe to assume it had nothing to do with the bullshit reasoning given by VF on Netflix.

No, the more logical conclusion would be to start questioning who in big media is part of the Epstein pyramid scheme.

And then who in the political arena?

And then who in elite academia?

And then who in the administrative state is both involved and protecting them?

And the who in Big Tech? And on and on.

And who exactly is in charge of the pyramid scheme now?

Ghislaine Maxwell is the key. And the authorities must get the answers and transparently inform the public.

Epstein known associates like Sarah Kellen, Adriana Mucinska, Lesley Groff and Nadia Marcinova are also huge reservoirs of knowledge. All mentioned in the documentary but little to no follow up on them post the series. Maybe some of these four are victims in their own right. Who knows unless someone starts vigorously asking questions or indeed charging them with crimes.

If some brave journalistic souls apply the same resources to this topic, as say Russian collusion fantasies, the Pulitzer prizes might be deserved this time round.

I don’t want to see the Hashtag #GhislaineMaxwellDidn’tKillHerself trending on Twitter anytime soon.

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