Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bail Hearing Live Thread – Trial to commence July 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail hearing took place earlier today. We’ll take you through all the updates as they happened below.

The hearing was carried out remotely. Each new update is numbered.

1) Call check – the attorneys for the US Attorneys Office are all on the line. I expect this to start on time.

2) Mark Cohen just joined the call. He is one of Ghislaine’s lawyers. He wrote Ghislaine has been “wrongly targeted, that attention had erroneously shifted from Epstein to Maxwell after his death in federal custody.”

3) Judge Nathan is speaking. She is calling the case United States vs. Ghislaine Maxwell. Counsel for the defendant are starting. Cohen is speaking now (Ghislaine’s counsel). For the government we have Maureen Comey and two others.

4) “Mrs. Maxwell are you able to hear me and see me okay?” – Judge “Yes thank you” – Maxwell – Man she sounds really bad.

5) This is a remote hearing on bail for Ghislaine Maxwell. The judge just said “as we all know we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Sounds like shes tee-ing up something. Let’s see what happens.

6) Ghislaine just pleaded “not guilty” to the indictment in this matter.

7) The government is speaking now – in discovery they will have business records, electronically stored info from searches conducted on electronic devices, photographs, prior investigative files from a prior investigation in FL.

8) First batch of discovery will be produced once the first protective order is approved. The government is prepared to make a substantial production of discovery. They have the goods.

9) The bulk of the relevant materials will be produced in short order, primarily by the end of the summer.

10) The files from the FBI investigation of Jeffrey Epstein from the original case in FL have been transferred to the FBI in NY and have been physically scanned and uploaded to be used in discovery.

11) This case isn’t going to end anytime soon. The governments and defendants final trial schedule isn’t even set up to be due until February 2021. At this point the US attorneys do not anticipate seeking a superseding indictment.

12) Trial will commence on July 12, 2021. Pre-trial schedule dates include: Initial non-electronic disclosure – due Friday Aug 21, 2020 Completion of discovery – Nov. 9, 2020 Pretrial defense motions – Dec. 21, 2020 Govt. response Jan 22, 2021 Replies due Feb. 5, 2021

13) The government is motioning for detention vs. bail. The government will speak first to argue their side, then the victims can speak, then Ghislaine’s lawyer Mr. Cohen will argue last. Pre-trial services and the victims seek detention due to significant red flags.

14) Ghislaine Maxwell is a citizen of France, the UK, and the USA, making her a flight risk. France WILL NOT extradite a citizen of France, even if the citizen is a dual citizen.

15) Ghislaine Maxwell had her cell phone wrapped in tin foil to evade law enforcement, which is another reason the government is justifying the concern for granting bail for Ghislaine.

16) Maxwell prosecutors [MAUREEN COMEY] Requesting discovery and completion of evidence including “electronic discovery” to be held until NOVEMBER 9th (COMEY DEEP STATE HOLDING TILL AFTER ELECTION)??

Comey is daughter of former FBI Director James Comey.

17) Annie Farmer (a victim of both Epstein and Maxwell) is testifying right now as to why Maxwell should not be released on bail.

18) Mr. Cohen (Ghislaine’s lawyer) is now giving his counter-arguments to the government’s arguments as to why Ghislaine ought to be released on a bail package with strict conditions. Of course his first argument is the pandemic COVID-19. Claims she offered to voluntary co-operate with authorities.

19) GM Attorney claims she was willing to voluntarily surrender and stayed in the country because/while they were conducting their investigation and that her arrest was unnecessary.

20) GM claims she was given 1 million for New Hampshire home to hide away by mysterious no named corporation. She claims she has a $0 monthly income, but now here we are still listening to the defense how she needs bail ~ 5 million set amount. Her assets ~ 10 million.

21) Allison Moe is now replying to the defense. She mentions that this trial is not about throwing dirt but a trial of fact and that a grand jury , in this very court, returned these indictments. Moe also states that there was never an offer from Maxwell to turn herself in.

22) Judge notes that in child sex abuse cases, “Federal law requires that it can be presumed that no condition…can reasonably assure the appearance of the person” as required. Bail looking doubtful?

23) Judge: ” She has the “motive and opportunity to flee.” Judge favors detention. Faces up to 35 yrs on all charges but is presumed innocent until proven guilty per judge.

24) Bail Denied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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