Has the Pew Research poll on Media inadvertently revealed Donald Trump’s true base?

Pew research has some interesting polling out today from findings made early in the pandemic. It centres on the medias relationship with the general public. Pew Research Center found that 59% of American’s feel that the media do not understand them. No surprise there I hear you say.

What might be surprising is that African Americans, Hispanics & Whites all feel pretty much the same way. In pretty much the same numbers. Roughly similar portions of black (58%), Hispanic (55%), and white Americans (61%) say the news media misunderstands them, but in a couple of instances, they cite markedly different reasons for this misunderstanding.

African Americans are twice as likely to feel the media misunderstand based on personal characteristics such as race.

However, the breakdown I am laser-focused on, in the above poll, is the one surrounding the media’s misinterpretation of people’s political views.

According to Pew Research of the 59% of Americans who firmly believe that the media do not understand them

39% of whites believe it is because of their political views.

15% of Blacks believe it is because of their political views.

27% of Hispanics believe it is because of their political views.

Given that we know that the mainstream media with political clout is overwhelming to the left – We can make a great argument that the above breakdown is an excellent snapshot of Donald Trump’s actual hardcore base.

Political Presidential polling, at the moment, is rife with errors and omissions. The political polling companies are themselves as partisan as many of the news outlets that are reporting the numbers.

It strikes me that if a person’s Number 1 reason for disgruntlement with the MSM is over the media’s misinterpretation of their political views and place this over and above race, personal issues, or social and economic circumstances – then they are probably overwhelmingly Trump supporters.

While this is merely an analysis of the 59% of people who think the media get things wrong it may well be an excellent snapshot of how the Trump base is currently shaping up along racial lines. Perhaps, by not asking the direct question about Trump the Pew Research institute has inadvertently discovered the current make-up of his hardcore base.

If this in fact is the coalition of the Trump base there is good news and bad news in the results. The bad news is the base is not strong enough to carry an election. However, it is certainly strong enough to mount a successful 2nd assault on the White House. An uphill battle but not an insurmountable one and certainly not an indicator of a 15 point spread between Trump and Biden.

Indeed if you could guarantee 15% of the African American vote at the moment, I think Trump campaign staff would bite your hands off.


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