In Praise of the Men and Women tweeting on #TRUMP2020

So I have been conducting an experiment the last number of weeks while pop-corning on the impeachment inquiry of everyone’s favorite President. At the moment my Netflix addiction has been replaced with impeachment fever.

As part of my deep-dive into this political minefield , I decided to infiltrate a twitter hashtag.


For the technologically challenged this hashtag concerns itself primarily with the re-election of the 45th President of the United States. It is hands down one of the most active hashtags on twitter. At anytime, day or night, there are never fewer than 5 -10 tweets/Retweets per minute.

When a minor political storm breaks-out in Washington – you can treble those numbers.

Not surprisingly the vast majority of these people love their President. The vast majority are not crazy right wingers either. Over the last 3 weeks I have analysed about 300-400 of the accounts individually and I’ve the made the following surprising discoveries.

  • Women are amongst the most active in defending Mr Trump on this platform
  • Trump’s support with women in the Red States is massively under-reported in the media
  • Everyone on the Hashtag follows everyone else on the Hashtag. Average number of Follows/followers is well over 6,000 per account. 30% are over 10,000.
  • There are surprising numbers of former centre left Democrats who have converted to Donald Trump.
  • Look away if you are Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi. Not big fans.
  • Informed in minute detail about the Impeachment and all it’s main players.


When you do a search on twitter of ‘Trump’ or ‘Donald Trump’ the majority of the results returned will be negative tweets from liberals with heated responses from neo-conservatives. As some will know the #Trump is the number 1 trending hashtag on twitter globally – about 3 days out of every 7.  It is also the most hugely abusive and cringe-worthy. A lot of crazies on both sides.

#Trump2020 is entirely different. it’s organised and the majority of the people tweeting on it are over 40. They are hugely supportive of one another and consistently like and retweet each others content. They are not looking to convert you and they are not looking to be converted. If you don’t like Trump – Fine – But run along.

More than a few times, I’ve found links to interesting conservative information and podcast sites here, that as an Irish man never knew existed. They’re well worth a read or a listen, to get the conservative, Middle America point of view. It’s a voice that we don’t often hear on our airwaves in Ireland.


War Room: Impeachment –  Produced by Steven Bannon, Jason Millar and Raheem Kassam

The National Review           –  Written content site with links to about 10 conservative leaning podcasts.

Breitbart News                      –  Global Conservative news website founded by Andrew Breitbart.

A common misconception in the wider world is that most of the MAGA gang are white, male hillbillies with a healthy sprinkling of racism.

If you follow the #Trump hashtag this misconception might be affirmed. On both sides of the aisle I might add.  #Trump2020 is more of a movement and anyone I have chatted with has been polite, thoughtful and helpful.

If you follow the #Trump2020 you see the backbone of the people and organisation that ACTUALLY  got Trump elected in the first place.

Military personnel, Veterans, Teachers, Factory workers, small business owners and volunteers. Intelligent, informed and highly motivated. The fact that the hashtag is never idle tells it’s own story. There are hundreds of thousands of supporters active.

The impeachment process has served to activate them. They are election ready almost a full year out.

One trend in the United States has gone unreported in Ireland.

In the 2016 Presidential election Trump won only 9% of the African American vote.

In 3 separate polls taken in December 2019 Trumps approval rating amongst African Americans is running between 30-34%.

It goes without saying that if he maintains an approval anything close to this come election day, he will not only win re-election but add one or two new states to his coalition.

My Takeaway from the last three weeks is that if the Liberals want to win the next election, one chore they must accomplish, is to find a #hashtag to compete with the men and women of #TRUMP2020.



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