Iranian Hackers confused by DNC website. Iranian Flag already on 487 different pages

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Earlier today Iranian computer scientists hacked into the website of the DNC and were perplexed to find that the Iranian flag was already prominently featured on 487 different website pages.


Furthermore, a number of draft press releases were discovered by the Iranian rascals that seem to indicate the DNC were ready to announce, the recently deceased Iranian General, Qassem Solemani as a Democratic candidate in California’s 25th congressional district. It is thought that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were of the opinion that Soleimani was a better fit in the upcoming primary than Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks.

A spokesperson for the DNC would not confirm or deny this allegation but did say the following.

” The loss of General Soleimani’s life in the recent war crimes carried out by President Trump is an abomination. Mr Soleimani would’ve been a great fit for us in the CA25 district but I cannot confirm he was an official candidate in our 2020 election  “

On discovery of this startling information Tehran officials instructed the hackers to leave the DNC site alone but to leave a 5 star review in the comments and on Trip Adviser.

The hacking rogues are expected to give a series of lectures to the Iranian cyber security leadership on how a first world political party operates a fundamentalist website correctly.

DNC officials refused to confirm that the back-end password for the DNC website is #TRUMP2024

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