Ireland sells soul for $450 million to Tik Tok & Chinese Communist Party. Disgusting.

The cornavirus has been the greatest educator of my life-time. Unfortunately little to none of the lessons have been about the virus. Although, thanks to a criminally weak media, I don’t think I am alone in being the class scientific dunce.

The single biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last 6 months is that I now fully understand why the United Kingdom was able to control this country for hundreds of years.

Bar a few honorable exceptions in history, our politicians and media are weak and our public are passive. In fact, If you think about the 1916 Irish rising it had fewer than 10,000 active participants. But back to today.

For a generation Ireland has been operating a 12.5% corporation tax rate to attract foreign direct investment. It has been incredibly successful and as a result we have a vibrant middle-class. Pre-coronavirus that is. To put it another way. Without this tax-rate, medium-term, we do not have a first world economy. That is a problem we need to start thinking about immediately.

Up to now, for a small country, the policy and the trade off seemed fair. Good Jobs in exchange for less tax revenue. We all knew it and we all accepted it – by and large.

Of course, this was fine when the vast majority of foreign investment was coming from the United States or other democracies within the European Union. The cost was only tax revenue.

But now, the big, bad wolf of the global economy is banging repeatedly on our door and the Irish government are falling over themselves to open it as quickly and as widely as possible. Nuts.

The Chinese communist party will eat our small country alive.

Today, Tik – Tok have announced the investment and establishment of a 450 million euro datacentre in Ireland creating hundreds of jobs. This follows on from Ireland allowing Huawei to set up and expand operations in the country. To allow them to become involved in our 5G infrastructure projects and again establish a European base. Basically, any company that has a problem in the United States and the UK seems to be now washing up on our shores.

Every sane democracy in the world is in the process of banning Tik-Tok and a wide range of other Chinese technology apps from their countries. India and Australia being the largest and most robust critics of this particular Chinese communist party application. Followed closely by the US.

Why have the Chinese communist party chosen to invest in Ireland?

Currently, the European Union is the weakest bloc of democratic countries in the world; and Ireland by virtue of our 12.5% corporation tax rate are the most attractive and most easily corruptible within that block. It’s that simple.

Make no mistake. If that data centre gets built the Chinese Communist party will have access to every bit of information in it. It begs the question – What other chinese apps will then use that facility( or others) for data storage?

The Chinese Communist Party footprint will be firmly established in Ireland with this investment and not very easily removed.

Especially at the rate we are pissing off allies like the United States. Here is a easy way to think about what is going on. Every time China invests in Ireland we lose another piece of our sovereignty.

What is the big deal about Tik-Tok you might say?

It’s a fun social media app right – who cares if they have my Tik Tok data?

First, I say go read their crazy terms and conditions of service. You know ….that harmless little pop up with the OK button that 99.999% of people never read. It basically allows Tik Tok to access everything on your phone. Your contact list, Your phone number, Your location, Your movements, and tonnes of other non Tik-Tok related data. In short the Chinese Communist party owns you and your phone. And whatever access you haven’t allowed the Chinese Communist Party will take anyway.

For the life of me, I do not know why this country is so passive about the threat the Chinese communist party poses to Ireland. We are rapidly becoming the European Headquarters for the Chinese communist party. Are we hoping that some other country is going to fight this battle for us?

They will not.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Peter Navarro, Trumps head trade guy, name-checked the countries that the United States is targeting in the Pharmaceutical sector at the moment. Pharma is the number one Industry that the US are actively attempting to home-shore. The countries he name-checked?

China and Ireland. No prizes for guessing which country is the easiest to home-shore.

So in this light what do our government do?

Build bridges? – No we immediately jump into bed with the Chinese Communist Party and a tech company that every free country in the world is trying to, not only avoid, but to outright dismantle. Fucking Bananas. We have tens of thousands of jobs in the pharmaceutical sector, the overwhelming majority of which are US companies. Whatever chance we have of safe-guarding these companies, it is not going to be helped by developing ever closer ties with the fucking Chinese Communist party.

In foreign direct investment marketing terms – We should be advertising ourselves as the 51st State of the United States. Instead we are changing our flag to Green, White and Red.

If we allow the establishment of this $450 million datacentre we are giving our blessing to the theft of consumer data in every country in the European Union at a minimum. And allowing it to be stored in Ireland. It’s akin to leasing an industrial storage unit, to a guy, you absolutely know has 57 convictions for cocaine smuggling.

It is absolutely disgusting. And don’t pretend we don’t know what is going on here.

This announcement could not have been made without the consent of the Irish Development authority (IDA) and every single political party currently elected. There is just no way, unless politicians are willfully putting their heads in the sand. The fact that most media outlets are championing the deal is typical of Irish media in the social media age.

The threat to our sovereignty is no longer the European Union. We are officially the first European country to voluntarily join the Chinese Communist party.

We were always foreign direct investment whores.

Now, it seems we are just very cheap ones.

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