Is Darren Till's reputation built on the back of a Dying Cowboy?

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was on the Joe Rogan Experience last week. As many of you know he is a man of many outside, extrovert interests, however a lot of this interview centred on how dysfucnctional his relationship had become with his supposed gym in New Mexico. Or maybe i should say Ex-gym. I’m still not sure if the relationship is damaged beyond repair after listening to him.
One thing is obvious though he is extremely hurt about it and has been for a long time.
Many of you will be aware he was tied to Greg Jacksons Submission Fighting in New Mexico. This gym has a very storied history with George St Pierre and Rashad Evans being just a couple of the UFC fighters to have passed through it’s doors.
To cut a long story short – in Cerrone’s opinion – The gym hasn’t been cutting the mustard for a very long time. The detail with which he talks about the problems makes me inclined to believe him. The truth shows – in the hurt written across his face.
In the last 18 months he has lost 4 of his 5 UFC fights.
Everyone in the fight game knows that Cerrone fights too often for his own good and he is at an age now where the sheer volume of battles are taking their toll.
If that isn’t bad enough we now find he has been having a long running issue with his own Gym in terms of fight preparation to the point where he has now built his own Gym.
According to Cerrone the final straw came when they seemingly refused to corner for him in a recent proposed match up with another fighter from the same gym.
This brings us neatly to the point of this Article which is Darren Till. Till catapulted himself into the big-time as a result of that devastating first round dismissal of Cerrone in Gdansk.
Although he has fought successfully since that fight against Steven Thompson, it must be remembered it was at a catchweight of 174lbs because Till failed to make the weight.
I think it is fair to say that Darren Till didn’t come away from that fight with a hugely boosted reputation. Certainly he won the fight but you could argue that his whole UFC reputation is built on the back of that stunning Cerrone stoppage. How accurate is that form line now?
It is fair to question the form guide of that Cerrone fight in light of the mauling he took from Tyron Woodley last Saturday night and recent revelations by Cowboy. In fairness Woodley looked imperious on the night and the Darce choke finish deservedly brought him his Ju-Jitssu Black belt in the cage afterwards.
In relation to Till we are left with two options – either he underperformed or maybe just maybe he is not as good as we are giving him credit for. His next fight will be interesting for sure.
In the Afterglow of  UFC 228 – I think it is high-time we sliced off some of Darren Till’s reputation and wrapped it over the shoulders of Tyron Woodley.  The Champs deserves a lot more of our respect after this performance.
Cowboy and Till might make a nice sequel too.

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