Italian Statistics: 24 days from 1st recorded deaths to Today. Full Statistics Within.

On the 23rd of February 2020 the WHO recorded the first 2 deaths from coronavirus in Northern Italy. Ireland current has two coronavirus deaths. We track the track the day to day Italian statistics below. It paints a very stark picture. As we will see it was very quickly out of control. We use World Health Organisation recorded statistics which are a comprehensive summation and analysis of the previous day’s coronavirus totals.

The WHO normally publish statistics late in the evening (GMT) which allows time for initial analysis for it’s Daily Situation report – Click here for Daily Situation Reports.

As the coronavirus has spread like wildfire throughout Europe this has led to difficulties in getting up to the minute results for the whole of Europe at the same time. Different countries report their statistics at different times. Some countries publish multiple times a day. The World Health Organisation is one of the best reference sites for statistics but there is a trade-off for this in time lag.

To that end the World Health organisation is a consistent point in time analysis of coronavirus figures and deaths collated from around the world. They produce a daily situation report which gives a comprehensive examination of trends, graphs and analysis of the daily statistics. As such they are the statistics of record for the world.

Below are an examination of the daily situation reports for Italy since it recorded it’s first deaths collated in one spreadsheet. It paints a picture of a crisis that was out of control by Day 9 when it recorded new cases of 500+ for the first time. Death rates started to spiral out of control after this point as the waves of new cases began to overwhelm their Health Service.

As a global community we should be grateful that the Italians have recorded and published their new cases and new deaths so honestly. Constant statistics watchers will regard the Chinese officially recorded statistics with growing skepticism as Italy spirals out of control. If a country the size of Italy with 60 million people can have this level of infection within 3 weeks then can we realistically believe that China with 1.4 billion people confined the spread to 80,000 people when the virus was running wild unknown for at least 3 weeks before the official lock-down on January 23rd 2020.

If we had known the true scale of infection in China I think it is fair to say – it might well have shocked us all into action a hell of a lot earlier. The table below will be updated daily.

** Anomaly with March 17th Statistics from WHO. Will update when they do.

DateDateNew CasesTotal CasesNew DeathsTotal Deaths
Day 123/02/2020677622
Day 224/02/20204812402
Day 325/02/202010522946
Day 426/02/202093322511
Day 527/02/202078400112
Day 628/02/2020250650517
Day 729/02/2020238888421
Day 801/03/20202401128829
Day 902/03/20205611689635
Day 1003/03/202034720361752
Day 1104/03/202046625022880
Day 1205/03/2020587308927107
Day 1306/03/2020769385841148
Day 1407/03/2020778463649197
Day 1508/03/20201247588337234
Day 1609/03/202014927375132366
Day 1710/03/20201797917297463
Day 1811/03/202097710149168631
Day 1912/03/2020231312462196827
Day 2013/03/20202651151131891016
Day 2114/03/20102547176602521268
Day 2215/03/20203497211571731441
Day 2316/03/20203590247973681809
Day 2417/03/2020323327980349*2503**
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