Joe Rogan- The Voice of the UFC


With the departure of Mike Goldberg from the UFC – many dedicated MMA fans are probably wondering what the future holds for Joe Rogan in the new UFC shake up. Losing Joe Rogan would be a major mis-step for the organisation, second only to losing Dana White – in this writers opinion.

In podcasting terms Joe’s poscast the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ is a force of nature. His Youtube channel has close to 1,000,000 subscribers which is an absolutely stunning achievement. His Podcasts cover a broad range of subjects and is not exclusively MMA and UFC related. Joe is erudite, well informedand refreshingly unguarded on a host of varying subjects and his cast of interviewee’s are drawn from a number of different worlds.

The supporting cast of contributors here can often include the wonderful Joey Diaz, Brendan Schwabb and Bryan Callen. All of the aforementioned have their own successful podcasts into the bargain.

I often feel when listening to Joe on subjects regarding the UFC , he has a great insight into the thinking of Dana White and the organisation in general.

On Fight Nights Joe is literally the Voice of the UFC and it’s hard to imagine anyone else interviewing Fighters in the Octagon as adeptly as he does – especially in those moments straight after a fight when the Adrenalin is still in overdrive.

As a fairly regular listener to his podcast it’s clear Joe is his own man and not a mouthpiece for the UFC like some similiar shows I won’t mention!…

The UFC would be making a massive mistake in replacing Joe for another reason. He has a massive Non-UFC audience from his standup career and this is an audience that could be transferrable to the UFC in fairly significant rates and probably has been in the past.

There is a growing almost insatiable appetite for MMA related content in the last 12 months and at the moment the Likes of Joe Rogan and Ariel Helwani are probably the brand leaders in this regard at the moment. But as they say in this part of the world…There ain’t no show like a Joe Show!!!

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