Krystle – Would a model Rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Krystle Rose – Modelling MMA, Fun and Fitness

A little Shakespearean gymnastics for you MMA heathens in the Title. But first a little stage direction.

Enter Krystle Rose –  Freelance model, Diva D.J. and 33.3% of former Girl band  The Fallen Femmes

One of the more enjoyable aspects of covering the various promotions involved with Mixed Martial Arts are the cast of characters and industries that often intertwine with a big fight night production. And amongst that supporting cast of characters comes undoubtedly the world of modelling.

In the UFC and I am not joking when I say this, the cast of Ring Girls and models involved with the organisation, probably to a woman, have a higher social media following than the vast majority of fighters. Don’t believe me?. Pick out any one of the UFC ring girls from the website and check out their Twitter and Instagram numbers. Now check against one of your favorite fighters. Surprised?. I was initially but then beauty is a beast of an opponent in the Octagon of Social media.

Krystle Rose is an Irish Freelance model who has worked on assignment at a number of Sporting events most recently covering exhibition events for Darts Superstar Phil Taylor and another for 2016 World champ Gary Anderson. She admitted that she would love to cover MMA events and has turned her attention in this direction along with the Fitness and health markets.

Krystle is a relative newbie to modelling having only started two years ago.

I was approached out of the blue by an online shopping company to model their clothes. They must have come across my personal social media. The great thing was that i had previously bought from this company. So it was a great fit for my first gig

I was curious to find out if she saw a thread linking her previous incarnations as band member and DJ

I have a real need to perform and express myself . It’s not about what I perform or the location it’s more about the adrenaline i get from it!  – I suppose it is like an Alter Ego 

Freelance Modelling is not for the fainted-hearted and Krystle is Freelance in all aspects she handles her own bookings, photographers, travelling , collaboration with other models and of course the relentless social media aspect of this particular Industry.

She entered an Irish modelling competition at the Wright Venue in Dublin last year and while she didn’t win it she met a plethora of other industry people that was enough to really kick start her into 2017.

‘ I got to meet other aspiring models, Producers and photographers. We all added each other on social media and various groups’

It’s very interesting to hear her talk about how the dynamic between photographers and models works when one or both are on the way up the ladder. I mean photographers and models quite obviously need each other but in terms of both building up Portfolios and Profiles a lot of the trade between them is done in the form of what is called TFP. Time for Prints. Basically it is a bartering system

What Time for Prints involves is the models Time in exchange for the photographers prints. So the photographer can use the prints to build up his Portfolio or for a different look he is going for and the model has full copyright of the prints and can use them is any way she see’s fits also

Most recently she has been working with the Irish brand RnR Fits, a fitness range of clothing. All photos featured here are from that burgeoning brand. The Fitness apparel market is a huge one and an important one for models to break into. That it ties in nicely with her natural inclination to model around sporting events is a bonus.

This is probably a good time to introduce the fact that Krystle Rose has graduated from the University of Limerick with a Master’s Degree in the Science of psychology.  I don’t know why it continues to surprise me when i find that models are highly educated . As all personal evidence to date indicates as a profession the majority in the Irish Industry are university educated, sharp as fuck and great business people.

Anyway  i digress!  ‘ The Psychology of Health and fitness’  was a module of Krystle’s Master’s degree that she feels has relevance to her day to day work and what she may have planned for the future.

To that end Krystle has started to run workshops to aspiring models who are thinking of entering the freelance modelling world. The traditional route into modelling via Agencies isn’t the only one anymore. She has built a huge list of contacts not just from her modelling career but also from her previous work as Diva D.J and part of the Fallen Femmes. Her Workshops cover everything that the aspiring model or Selfie sensation needs to grasp and grasp quickly in the modelling industry.

From what range of healthy tanning cosmetics to use, how to build contacts, how to ensure your personal safety, how to professionally deal with different types of clients and how to manage and build your social media brand.

The clinics to date have been a resounding success.

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