Mark Sandy Testimony: No hold on Ukraine Aid from August 12th to August 20th.

A close examination of Mark Sandy’s closed door deposition shows his testimony runs to 182 pages. Perhaps because of the length, a key piece of information has gone unreported. On the dates from August 12th to August 20th 2019 there was technically NO HOLD on aid to the Ukraine. We will reprint the follow excerpt of the relevant testimony below.

This seems to have been a technical glitch as opposed to a direction from the President or the White House. Technically there was no reason the Department of Defense couldn’t obligate the Ukrainian funding during this period.

It is an embarrassing detail for people pointing to an orchestrated attempt to implement a Quid Pro Quo on Ukraine. The Zelensky call was on the 25th of July and the methodology used to place a hold on Aid to Ukraine from the USAI was the issuing of a series of apportionment’s with footnotes. The foot-notes essentially prevented the Aid from being obligated for a series of short periods of time. Mr Sandy claims there were roughly half a dozen of these apportionment’s raised during a 6 week period.

The key is that one of them was raised in a manner that led to an 8 day period in August where there was technically no hold on the Ukraine Aid from his office.

Mark Sandy was not called as a Public witness in last weeks hearings by the House Democrats. This may have been one of the reasons why.





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