McGregor Comes out swinging and swigging at UFC 229 Press Conference

Conor McGregor Strolled into the media centre with his 2 Championship Belts and a Bottle of his own label No 12 Whiskey. Light Purple suit. Open Necked. Swagger. McGregor came out swinging if it not swigging. Khabib tried his best to hold his own but, Man, he made a few a big mistakes.

Radio City Music Hall in New York played host to the Press Conference for McGregor Vs Nurmagomedov today at 5 P.M. Eastern Time. Both Fighters were approximately 30 minutes late.

‘ This man is a glass jaw Bum’ – Conor McGregor on Khabib

McGregor started proceedings calling Khabib a Fanboy Bitch, who started to get brave once he got a little Russian money behind him. McGregor almost Immediately set about the UFC for not letting the fans into the press conference. Fans pay the bills he said more than once.

Five minutes in though and McGregor quickly switched to Promoter mode. Whiskey promoter and went off on a little promotional riff.

For the most part Khabib Nurmagomedov did not rise to the bait until he got embroiled in a heated exchange about the bus incident where McGregor claimed Khabib was afraid to get off the bus. Even Vladimir Putin’s name got thrown about by McGregor in a fairly unveiled taunt at Khabib and the people behind him who were backing the Dagestani. One of whom is in jail now according to McGregor.


Also, it was revealed that Khabib’s father is unable to get a Visa into the United States for the fight. McGregor Launched both barrels at that one and went on a two minute rampage about Khabib’s Father and the type of person he thinks he is. You can take it McGregor ain’t a fan.

Clearly this beef between the two camps has more layers to it than we on the outside know about.

Khabib should know by now, not to attempt to have a logical discussion with McGregor at events like these. He is too slick and ends up making the opponent look like an idiot. If Nurmagomedov gets suckered into this type of behavior in a fight – McGregor will indeed knock him out.

Very Clear that McGregor is highly focussed on this fight and controlling the use of his image for the promotion of it. Bar this press conference he has done no promotion. Anything that comes from him comes thru his own social and online media sources.

The only slight wobble McGregor took was his repeated use of the word c*nt. A United States audience is not ,as perhaps, tolerant of this word as we can occasionally be on this side of the Atlantic

The event was not open to the general public and restricted to members of the media. This was clearly not known to the McGregor camp in advance as he was tweeting earlier in the week, encouraging fans to come along. As mentioned at the start he had a huge pop at the UFC for not kicking open the doors to the General Public.



Perhaps the UFC were afraid that McGregor was planning on hijacking the event to promote his new whiskey label  #Proper No. 12. He did that anyway!

Although my initial conclusion is that the reason had more to do with safety concerns. Ever since the bus incident which landed Conor McGregor in a New York court house there seems to be a simmering tension between both fighter camps.

The UFC probably just didn’t want these tensions surfacing at a press conference and then possibly spilling out into the crowd. The last thing the UFC want is for a mass brawl to erupt in the very State that kept them locked out of the city for so many years.

One of the Interesting asides to come out of the press conference – Just at the end – Is that McGregor has been able to secure his Whiskey Brand as an Event sponsor and not only that but Proper No.12 will have the Lucrative Canvas positioning.

One of the best lines of the night though came from Khabib though

‘ What’s this guy going to do on 6th of October….He think Whiskey is going to help him…



1 thought on “McGregor Comes out swinging and swigging at UFC 229 Press Conference

  1. I think a logical reply to Conor’s silly statements was a good point. That’s what no other opponent did to him. He got confused as he didn’t expect that calmness and humble from Khabib, who was not affected by Conor’s words at all. I’m sure Khabib mentally won in this game.

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