MMA Insider's – Our UFC 211 Big Betting Selections. Get Rich. Get Out

‘If it don’t make business sense…it don’t make no fucking sense at all’
I remember watching an Interview with one of Floyd Mayweather’s business managers years ago just before he was scheduled to fight Ricky Hatton. At the time there was an exciting Mexican Fighter, his name escapes me, who many believed would have been a much better opponent than Hatton. The interviewer said
‘ Wouldn’t it make more sense to fight that guy – it would make for a great and better fight’
to which the esteemed Mayweather manager replied
‘If it don’t make business sense…it don’t make no fucking sense at all’
Ricky Hatton brought his UK following and about 800,000 UK pay per view buys to that fight. Money that went straight in Floyd’s pockets.
If your placing a bet on the upcoming UFC211 fight you would do well to remember the above piece of advice. Does the Bet make sense!.  Remember everytime you make a bet there is a bookmaker or a punter on a betting exchange on the other side of that bet saying
‘ Your wrong you fucking Dummy’
My number one advice in making a bet selection  –  look outside of the main bet for Value. Let me give you an example.
The Lovely Joanna Jedrzejczyk fights Jessica Andrade as Co-main event on the 211 card. The current odds with stand at
Jedrzejczyk                                                      8/13     (- 162.5)
Andrade                                                           5/4       ( + 125.0)
For me there isn’t much value in either bet here.  Joanna’s odds are prohibitive and the bookmakers are not giving much value on Andrade. In my opinion Andrade should be priced at 6/4 or 7/4 here. So because of this I must take the business managers advice and walk away from the bet..Because it doesn’t make fucking business sense.
However there are a number of other way’s of betting on this fight and that is where i hope to find some value (and hopefully you will too). Here is where our MMA knowledge can be put to good use.
I happen to think Joanna will win this fight. Probably via points as her last three fight were via decision. I also had planned to place 30 euro on this fight. At the current odds of 8/13 if my selection wins i would get
30 (my original stake) + 18.46 (my winnings) = 48.46 Total Returns
However if you deep dive into the more precise bets for this fight you will see that are offering the following for Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Joanna Jedrzejczyk by KO                                    9/2
Joanna Jedrzejczyk on Points                              6/5
Joanna Jedrzejczyk by Submission                    14/1
Now Joanna has had her last 3 wins in row come via decision so it’s obvious this could happen in this fight. However I’m liking the Joanna for KO/TKO at 9/2. Why. She is 4 inches taller than her opponent and i think her striking is superior to Andrade. Joanna’s two previous fight to that were TKO’s. I think she is on as co-main event and she’ll be looking for the finish.
I think the value bet here is Joanna by TKO at 9/2 or 5/1. Shop around the exchanges and get the best Prices you can. At those kind of odds i feel I am getting value for my money and require much less of an investment of capital than the straight win/lose bet. But the key is getting value for your money.
Now that’s my Free bet for you guys. For more drop me a mail at

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