No amount of ‘ Trump disinfectant ‘ will wash President Xi’s Harvard hands clean

Harvard President Drew Faust meets with Xi Jinping, President of China inside the The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China as a Harvard delegation looks on. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

On Friday (April 26), at a conservative guess-timate, at least 20,000 media commentators and journalists spent the day engaging in a bit of fun, faux outrage. A patronising 10,000 tweets here or an ego inflating meme retweeted 50,000 times there. One might be forgiven for thinking it was in fact a slow corona-news day. I spent the evening trawling Chinese state newspapers trying to attract the Chinese Communist Party’s 50 cent twitter bots. Alas they were busy elsewhere…

As I’m sure you’ve seen and heard, the day’s journalistic activities mostly revolved around the subject of bleach and disinfectant. All good fun and games on another day in the paradise of global lockdown. Meanwhile though, back in the real world, a large sequoia tree began to fall in a largely uninhabited media forest. And I stumbled across it, during my aforementioned search for the foot soldiers of the Wu Mao.

On the same Friday, a G20 video conference was scheduled. The G20 group contains 19 countries ( see end of article for members) and the European Union. As you can imagine, in the current global economic meltdown there is much to discuss. However, in an unprecedented episode, the call was cancelled abruptly at the last minute. The reason ?

China. Or rather the Chinese communist party to be exact.

One of the agenda items was a U.S. led one, although by no means were the US alone in the subject up for discussion. No prizes for guessing that the W.H.O. and it’s response during the early stages of the pandemic was the hot topic many members wanted to chew the fat on. China and President Xi were not in the mood for any such discussion. You might say they bleached the call.

Extract from South China Morning Post

A planned video conference between G20 leaders on Friday was called off at the last minute due to a bitter quarrel between China and United States over the role of World Health Organisation, according to a source who was involved in the preparation for the call.

The source, who declined to be named due to the private nature of the debates, said that the US has been insisting on holding the World Health Organisation (WHO) accountable for its early activities in handling the coronavirus outbreak, which has killed over 190,000 people across the globe, including close to 50,000 in the US.

China, on the other hand, strongly refuses to discuss proposals to investigate the WHO, the source said.

The W.H.O. might reflect that when it’s the Chinese communist party defending your honour – it’s probably time to have a good, long, hard look at yourself in the mirror.

The curiousity is that the South China Morning Post published the story at all. Not many major media outlets did. The Hong-Kong based paper is owned by the Chinese Alibaba group that was founded by Jack Ma. If that name is familiar, it’s due to his PPE expeditionary force touring the world at the moment. And as you may or may not know, all Chinese companies and most especially the multi-billion dollar ones, are mandated to have at least one member of the Chinese Communist Party on it’s the board of directors. So the article could have been an accident or it could have been arrogance.

I often write about differentiating between the signal and the noise in modern media. Sometimes the noise is politically created but most times it’s media induced. This week there was a serious amount of media noise. This normally forces me to trigger a question. Where is the signal?

The cancelled G20 virtual summit is one signal and while interesting enough on it’s own merits, the question I have been asking myself is – Are there others? And the answer is – Perhaps.

The Pew Institute is a Washington D.C. based, non-partisan American think-tank. Now that previous sentence might be a bit oxymoronic considering it contains Washington D.C. and non partisan – but I do know that both US Democrats and US Republicans usually respect both it’s polling and surveys. On Tuesday (April 21) it released a major study and one of it findings is quite shocking.

The shock and horror?

Democrats and Republicans whole-heartedly agree about something. And that something is China. Two thirds of Americans have a negative view of China in the current coronavirus pandemic. The highest disapproval rating on record and this negative outlook, holds a big majority with supporters of both political parties.

One of the few political benefits of a country that is as highly partisan as the United States, is that the average american is highly engaged with it’s nation’s politics. And despite the caricature, spread mainly by media, the average US citizen is also quite nuanced in it’s views and understanding. The public consume quite a lot of political information and data. In other words, they are able to distinguish between Chinese people and the elite of thugs in the Chinese communist party. And it most definitely is the elite thugs they have it in for at the moment.

There are roughly 90 million members of the Chinese communist party and they control, quite effectively, the 1.3 billion people who are not. If you look again at the graph above, there has been a steep rise in this Chinese negativity, on both sides of the aisle, since 2017. The fact that a certain door-to-door bleach salesman, came to office in January 2017 is an inconvenient and uncomfortable truth for many in the media to shine too bright a UV light on. Intravenously or otherwise.

The views of the American public on President XI are even more stark. 71% of the United States public have no confidence in President Xi to do the right thing in World Affairs. As in Zero. President Xi and people that have close, historic ties to him will be increasingly vilified in the minds of the US voting public.

This presents a big problem for the global elites of the world who are closely tied to President Xi. Whether they be the industrial, financial, technological, academic or media elites. All five mentioned have made massive long term bets on the Chinese communist party. For twenty years they and we have turned a blind eye to the goings on behind the Chinese technological firewall and merely labelled the CCP as authoritarian capitalists. Almost like a stern school teacher who is ultimately good for your health in the long-term. Coronavirus has changed all that now.

The elites are compromised. From Apple supplier Foxconn and it’s manufacturing plants in Zhengzhou to the China Daily massive advertising campaigns and article promotions in the New York Times. To manage the decline of the United States the CCP needed help and sections of these elites were the one’s to help them. Unbelievably, they are still inclined to do so. It is quite amusing, to now observe them, attempt to kick start globalism 2.0 in the middle of this pandemic. Based on the Pew Study they have a mighty lot of convincing to do.

The CCP, WHO and the above elites are scrambling at the moment. They desperately need to avoid scrutiny until November’s US election. If Dr Tedros is still leading the W.H.O. you will know they have won. The CCP and the establishment classes will move heaven and earth to defeat Trump.

However what the Pew Study reveals is that they may be missing the point. In many ways, although his supporters would vehemently disagree, it could be argued that President Trump has already served his primary purpose to the world, by opening the world’s eyes to the Chinese communist party threat for the last three years. The US people are now ready for the confrontation against the enemy that had been hiding in plain sight. A President that is not tough on China will not win the 2020 US election. Whether that is Republican Trump or the Democratic candidate.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party currently have a candidate that goes by the name of Joe Biden and they will need to find a replacement candidate double quick. He is probably the most compromised politician in the United States on the subject of the Chinese communist party. The fact that he flew into China on Air-force Two as Vice President and his son flew out with over 1 billion dollars in Chinese investment money, will be exhibit A in what will be a long, excruciating campaign trial on his CCP credentials. It won’t be pretty.

If this flaw isn’t bad enough he has another one that is even worse. Senility. It has become increasingly obvious that he can’t hold his train of thought for more than a couple of minutes before meandering his sentences to an end in a confused mumble. It is both sad and disillusioning to watch. He is the globalists choice as there was no other candidate remotely suitable to their agenda at the time and that is the bare truth of it. If they had a different controllable option they would have taken it.

However this pandemic has not been without it’s political upsides for Nancy Pelosi’s party. It has shone a bright light on a couple of Democratic Governors that have performed really well for their states. Namely Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo of California and New York respectively. Particularly Newsom and his decisive action early in the outbreak to protect California. Both would probably fit the globalist agenda of the elites and get a free ride in the media while not having any real China baggage.

Before I finish I wanted to chat about one of the most worrying elites in the US, the behaviour of US academia rarely gets the column inches it deserves. Chinese influence has been quite often used here through an exploitation of the student visa programs in the US and very close ties to the institutions themselves.

The hugely successful, CCP initiated, One Thousand Talents program was started over a decade ago, more or less openly. The secret design of the program was to infiltrate some of the most prestigious academic universities in the United States with researchers and students, while also hiring US scientists to work on Chinese led programs. The result has been the massive theft of US intellectual property and academic research.

Harvard, perhaps the most revered of the United States Ivy league institutions, has had one of the most troubling ties with the Chinese communist party and this program.

The most high profile academic caught up in the Thousand Talents Program was Harvard professor Charles Lieber.

Dr. Charles Lieber was identified by the Chinese government as a person of interest given his knowledge and expertise in the field of nano-science. Such was Lieber’s recognition as a key strategic scientist, his research group at Harvard had received a $15 million grant from the Department of Defense and National Institute of Health. The grant required Lieber to reveal any support his lab or research group was receiving from foreign entities or persons.

When interviewed in 2018 and 2019 for the DOD/NIH grant, Lieber chose not to reveal that since 2011 he had been sucked into the Chinese plan. He failed to disclose he was designated as a “strategic scientist” at WuHan University of Technology (WUT). That designation made him a “contracted” participant from 2012 through 2017. One three year agreement saw China paying Lieber $50,000 per month, with one million (~$158,000) in Chinese Yuan provided for living expenses, and $1.5 million to establish a research lab at the WUT.

Source: Clearance Jobs – the largest security-cleared career network specializing in defense and intelligence jobs for professionals with security clearance.

He has recently been removed from the battlefield as US authorities fight back. This type of predatory behaviour is not limited to targetting Harvard and is an example of the time and resources the CCP will employ to infiltrate scientific and academic pillars of the US. The few are bribed in the long term hope that the many can be controlled.

President Xi, the champion of ‘ Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ heads a party of 90 million overlording a country of 1.4 billion people. And yet this same man, sent his daughter to Harvard between 2010 and 2014, theoretically a shining beacon of free thought, free speech and free enterprise. Three concepts I doubt he is considering importing to the good people of China. But as with everything else in CCP life it’s what they’re exporting you need to be most worried about.

The CCP behaviour and lies in the coronavirus pandemic and the muted response of many global elites thus far, is a reminder of the one shared characteristic of socialism and capitalism.

Strict rules are only for good times and good people.

The G20 is made up of 19 countries and the European Union. The 19 countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the UK and the US

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