QAnon wins 1st major political battle in Colorado for the ‘ Silent Majority ‘

An unexpected democratic explosion occurred in Colorado last night, that may be the harbinger of things to come. Low on the Richter scale perhaps, but The New York Times was sufficiently worried to cover it in detail this morning.

While the Colorado 3rd congressional district has swung decidedly to the right for the past 10 years, it is most definitely a seat that is in play this coming November.

Last night, Scott R. Tipton the 5-term Republican congressman responsible for the aforementioned swing right lost his primary election to Lauren Boebert. The proprietor of Shooters Grill is the new sheriff in this Republican town.

Unmentioned by the big media brands is that Boebert won by an almost 10 point margin. Against an incumbent that had the endorsement of Donald J. Trump. She is a restaurant owner and a passionate advocate for gun ownership. However, what makes her stand out is that she has spoken publicly and supportively of QAnon.

If this was 1994, and I was, say a New York Post columnist I would manage to knit into the fabric of this article that Lauren Boebert, like seemingly all Republican women, is very easy on the eye. But as it’s 2020 I will merely note that Boeberts victory is a very interesting development and Republican women seem to smile more.

The serious point is that she and her family are what I like to refer to as the striving class. Striving to provide for their families, Striving to create opportunities for their kids. Striving to keep their small businesses alive.

I know nothing about Diane Bush, her November opponent, who won her Democratic primary in a landslide but my money is on Boebert. Because the striving class never gives up, always stands up, and is too frequently asked to put up and shut up. It’s an excellent fuel for an election campaign methinks.

If you haven’t heard of QAnon I would suggest you go do a little research. The New York Times dismisses them as a gang of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Q-Anons would point to the NYT as part of the conspiracy though. I look at them rather as a broad-based group of Americans who are high on love for their country and low on tolerance for the chaos that currently engulfs the United States. As election platforms go it’s a very solid one.

It should be noted again that Donald Trump endorsed Tipton – the loser of last night’s primary election. Up until very recently, he had a 100% record of picking winners in Republican primaries. Say it quietly, but his original picks have lost 3 in a row. He was quick though to see the error of his ways and tweeted out a hearty congratulations to Lauren Boebert. He will need to fully embrace the Q-Anons by the Fall to have any hope of re-election.

And well he might, for the Q-Anon folk spend all of their spare energy defending against the alleged dark forces trying to take his presidency down. Unlike say the grass-roots beginnings of the Tea Party, a decade ago, the Q-Anons didn’t start as an overtly political movement but that is exactly what they may turn into overtime.

On Q the now famous beating heart of the Q-Anon movement has Boebert has said:

 “Everything I’ve heard of Q – I hope this is real. Because it only means America is getting stronger and better and people are returning to conservative values.”

Currently, the Q-Anon movement is executing its #TaketheOath campaign on Twitter. It involves capturing a small video of themselves taking the Oath of Allegiance to the constitution. Thousands of them. The effect is very powerful visually due in large part to its simplicity. It gives voice and picture to a movement of people variously described as crazed conspiracy theorists.

They look pretty normal to me. And I dare say, they look pretty normal to the New York Times. And that’s why they are worried about the potential problems they pose come the Fall.

Lauren Boebert’s victory indicates that the Silent Majority may not be an urban legend or a rural myth.

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