Safe MMA and the Cage Warriors Academy Conundrum

Since attending CW102 it has been a pastime of mine to wonder why Cage Warriors are not active in the Republic currently. I would really like to see them back here soon. A big promotion and a market somewhat starved of amateur and professional MMA. Match made in heaven right?

Today I happened upon a statement from SAFE MMA regarding the Cage Warriors 103 event this past weekend in Denmark, a post dated March 9th 2019.

I will put the link in at the end of this post. It is basically announcing Cage Warriors is introducing Safe MMA for International events as well as domestic. Cage Warriors are listed as a member promotion by SAFE MMA on their Facebook Page. The piece of the post I got interested in is below.


CW used the MMA Mark 3 standard to vet the competitors for CW 103 and crucially the vetting process as described above identified an “unknown finding” for one of the competitors which led to the cancellation of a bout.

The competitor in question was Mikkel Vestergaard Laursen. He explains the situation in an Interview with

The MMA Mark 3 requires both an MRI and an MRA scan and this is where some errors were made according to the fighter. The MRA needed to be done at least 3 times, it is not clear as to why this was. The fighter suggests in the above interview the scans were not done correctly. The inference I took from the SAFE MMA statement on their website was that they had found something on one of the scans.

I spoke to Mikkel this evening and he re-iterated that he found SAFE MMA really helpful, especially Joni. He admitted that the fuck up was with his own doctor.

Mikkel was booked two weeks prior to the event which again does not leave a lot of time to get all your medicals etc in place and deal with the unforeseen. I can only assume Danish fighters only register with SAFE MMA as and when they fight on a Cage Warriors event.


To cut a long story short by the time Mikkel got medical clearance to fight it was 1 hour before the fight and the fight had already been cancelled. SafeMMA updated their original post below in Bold.


This got me thinking about the different SAFE MMA Safety standards so I went on their website to familiarize myself with the organisation and it’s safety and medical protocols. While on the site I stumbled upon something that gave me the idea to write this article.


For the purposes of this article I have blanked out the list of names on it – although the names are publicly available on the SAFE MMA website. Of the 43 amateur fighters currently registered with SAFE MMA and cleared to fight – 40 are from the Republic of Ireland, 2 from Northern Ireland and 1 from Sweden. No cleared amateurs from ENGLAND, WALES or SCOTLAND and practically all of Northern Ireland.


Now this begs a very obvious question. Just who are the Cage Warrior Academies using for their medical clearance?

If they are not using SAFE MMA they must have a very good reason for not doing so as I repeat, Cage Warriors are one of the promotions listed on the Safe MMA facebook page as being one of the their member promotions. Indeed Graham Boylan alludes to the close relationship in the snippets above, going back to 2012.

On CW102 The first bout of the evening was an academy title fight.

Cage warriors Academy1.JPG

Neither fighter is listed on SAFE MMA as a cleared amateur fighter. Who medically cleared them?

Who medically clears all of them?

If the Republic of Ireland has the most number of medically cleared MMA amateurs in the UK and Ireland with SAFE MMA – Why is this jurisdiction the only one Cage Warriors do not have an Academy in?

Another way of putting it is – if SAFE MMA are not involved with the screening of amateur fighters in the UK and Northern Ireland why are they so heavily involved with amateurs in the Republic of Ireland where there are very few shows for them.

As we say down our way………’tis a gas situation altogether

Question, questions, questions…

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Written By: Gerry O’Neill

Cage Warriors Introduces Safe MMA for International Events

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