Sinn Fein add 150 new members a day since the election

Sinn Fein Head Office is on Parnell Square in Dublin 1. Earlier today I spoke to a new, young recruit manning the phones to gather some Sinn Fein membership information. Last weekend a Sunday Times opinion poll put Sinn Fein support at 35%. This is an almost 11% bounce from election day. The Sinn Fein surge continues apace.

Sinn Fein head office were able to confirm that over 4,200 new members have joined the party since election day. The enquiries to Sinn Fein’s Head office regarding membership have been overwhelming. New members are running at close to 150 a day.

One of the things I have noticed about Sinn Fein’s on-line presence is that too is growing rapidly. The audience are mainly youthful and activist in nature. The surprise though is that many men and women of my generation are also now also vocally supporting Mary Lou McDonald and her 36 colleagues in the Dail.

Sinn Fein probably have the best on-line application process too. It’s front and centre of their website. It’s also pretty simple. New members that have jobs pay 10 euro. New members that don’t pay 5 euros.

No doubt that the coronavirus is further bad new for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. As the epidemic gathers pace around the island it signals one thing to me – A generation of HSE mismanagement and government mismanagement. Today we see the Cork general hospital had to cancel all out patient appointments. It seems a patient that was admitted may have had the virus whilst he was getting treatment for some other underlying conditions.

With a mere 13 cases as of last night the virus was already causing chaos within our Health services. Can you imagine what 1,300 cases will do?

Sinn Fein will be the beneficiaries of the rising tide of anger that is inevitable over the next few weeks as the inadequacies of our health system are highlighted and then overrun.

Maybe it is time to step aside and let them have a crack at running the country.

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