Thank you, George, sleep well.

I wanted to write a short introductory note now that I have left the toxicity of Twitter and replaced it with the social media platform Parler.

It’s been quite a few day’s hasn’t it?

The whole world now knows the name, George Floyd. The only issue left for the living is whether it’s a murder charge between numbers one and three.

The video footage leaves very little to the imagination and the curiosity about this example of US police brutality is that everyone is agreed on the horror of what happened.

Red folks, Blue folks and all races.

Many millions of words have been written and spoken about George. Some do his memory justice. Some hijack his name. It is not for me to decide which is which.

But in death, George provided a gift to the United States. One that history will record more fully than scribers do in the present.

George Floyd, you alone, ended the madness of lockdowns. The madness of locking a man down. The madness of locking a nation down.

You, not a scientist nor a politician. Not Blue or Red.

But Black.

Your life woke the world up to many important things. It was not lived in vain.

Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Thank you.

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