The Ghost of Epstein hangs over Jeff Bezos & Bloomberg backed SuperPac “With Honor Fund “

The names of some of these political Super Pacs really do make me laugh. Today, one called the With Honor Fund has well and truly caught my attention.

I think it’s accurate to describe it as a Jeff Bezos backed fund that began life sometime in 2017. It’s been funding a curious mix of characters that seem to have something in common. But we’ll get to that in due course. Sometimes the With Honor Fund acts for a candidate and then occasionally it acts against a particular politician’s interests. It does seem to have a penchant for supporting a number of candidates that were in the military though. Both 2018 and 2020.

To that end, it advertises itself as a cross-party platform supporting principled military veteran leadership in public office. Certainly the candidates seem like a pretty unobjectionable bunch. So far, so normal right.

2018 Funding sample

In the 2018 election cycle, this fund had 204 large donors. It’s a veritable Who’s who of the rich and famous. Micheal Bloomberg contributed $250,000 in that particular election cycle. However, it was Jeff Bezos that was the King Daddy of the With Honor Fund. He contributed $10,129,170 personally. Other family members added more to the tally too. Take a look at the top 7 list of donors below.

And when you’ve done that, maybe regular readers, we might take a little quiz to ensure you’ve have been paying attention to my scribblings for the last couple of weeks.


Is any surname flashing like a broken down car with it’s hazard lights on?

Clue. There is only one surname that isn’t Bezos.

Leslie Wexner (82) and Abigail Wexner (58). Father and Daughter. Oh no wait a minute, sorry I mean husband and wife. Forgive the error. There’s me thinking like a person from the real world again. Apologies.

Based on donations to this fund, it would appear that Mrs Wexner is at least 8 times richer than her husband. Community volunteering obviously pays better than I thought. Well I suppose a community organizer did end up in the White House for 8 years – so I shouldn’t mock.

Now, where oh where, has the name of Leslie Wexner come up before. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Almost have it.

It’s not, it couldn’t be… could it – wasn’t it Jeffrey Epstein?

Isn’t that the billionaire that was “duped” by Jeffrey Epstein for years and years.

The clueless idiot that made Jeffrey Epstein a central figure in his life. For years and years. Did I say that already. I mean he’d have to be a clueless idiot right?

Otherwise, he might be considered something else entirely, and that something else might require his wife to dust off her law degree. So we’ll stick with clueless idiot for the moment.

Now, I must admit I’m getting a little worried about Mr. Wexner again. I think poor Leslie might be getting duped again. Maybe he has a particular cosmic weakness for name the Jeffrey. Someone should warn him. I mean Leslie Wexner has made 444 political donations in his life according to the excellent

The vast majority of them, the personal ones, as far as I can see, have been to Republican Candidates. Does he know that Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos do not have the best interests of the Republican party at heart ?

Now why exactly was he in a Super Pac with Jeffrey Bezos and Michael Bloomberg?

While your wondering about that – there is something even more curious to consider.

The 2020 funding returns for this Superpac paint a different picture than the 2018 version. Gone are all the A-List celebrities. It is still mightily well funded at over $4,000,000 but the list of large donors has gone from 204 to 30.

It’s almost as if some significant event has happened since 2018 – if I could only think what. It’s on the tip of my tongue again. Damn, I’m sure it will come to me eventually.

2020 Donors List

Now, what possible common ground does the Republican billionaire Leslie Wexner have with the owner of the Washington Post & richest man on the planet – Jeffrey Bezos. I mean it must be pretty strong for him and his wife to fork out over $ 2.8 million dollars, right?

Maybe it’s Philanthropy. These billionaires love their philanthropy. You may be interested to know that this curious Superpac funds mainly Republicans.

Yes! I hear you cry. Jeffrey Bezos is on our side!

Well not so quick dear reader, it also funds against Republicans. And it funds a particular type of Republican. Let’s examine that notion for a second as it pertains to the 2020 election cycle. What candidates have the With Honor Fund supported so far. Lets take a look.

So let’s take a leaf out of the billionaire’s guide book, and forget about the little people for the moment, and focus on the two candidates that have received the most money.

Jason Church ran in the special election for the 6th congressional district of Wisconsin. Now when I say he ran I mean he ran in the Republican Primary election. Apparently you need close to 600,000 in Super Pac capital to run in a Republican primary. His opponent was businessman Tom Tiffany. Now, who do you folks think President Trump endorsed in this election. Anyone, anyone. C’mon anyone?

Now despite $563,264 dollars of the Bezos fund’s capital poor Mr Church was unsuccessful in gaining the Republican nomination. Although to be fair he won over 40% of the vote.

Maybe it’s a co-incidence that Jeffrey Bezos and President Trump picked different candidates in this Republican election. Perhaps in the next choice, all the stars aligned, and they both chose Dan Driscoll.

Afraid not.

Well now, here we have, yet again, a congressional district with an open seat. No incumbent. Mark Meadows vacated this one to become White House Chief of Staff to President Trump. Meadows, lest we forget, stood out as a staunch, eloquent and effective defender of President Trump during the Impeachment trial. So you might say Mark Meadows is pretty pro-Trump. You might further say both Meadows and the President would have more than a passing interest in the fate of Mark Meadows congressional seat come the fall. A passion they shared with one Jeffrey Bezos it seems.

Unfortunately, again, Bezos Republicanism didn’t meet eye to eye with Trump Republicanism. Dan Driscoll being the Bezos backed candidate with Lynda Bennett supported by Meadows and the President.

As fate would have it, Neither sides choice won. Despite $360,000 of funding from the With Honor Fund Driscoll polled less than 10% in the run off election. While Bennett lost heavily to a small business owner and motivational speaker – 24 year old Madison Cawthorn.

Fortunately, this is a net win for President Trump.

Rule of Thumb: A candidate that describes themselves as a patriot, as Cawthorn does, has the President’s back. Generally, these candidates have risen from the economic populist movement on the right and for whom America First is more than a slogan.

All the tech giants are lined up against President Trump, sometimes I wonder does he fully grasp how deep, high, and insidious this wall of opposition is.

The above examples, of two Republican congressional races, are where these malign forces were unsuccessful. It begs the question how many times have they been successful?

You’ll have to work out for yourselves why the forces of Leslie Wexner, Jeffrey Bezos and Michael Bloomberg were aligned in 2018. And if they still are today.

In summation, I think it’s pretty clear what the With Honor Fund are doing. It’s not enough for the Tech and Supra-national elites to control the Left. No, they want to control who you can choose from the right too. Indeed left and right are laughable terms to these people. It’s about control really. Their control over you.

Bezos, Bloomberg and Wexner. Maybe Honor amongst Thieves would be a more appropriate title for their Fund.

All facts and figures have been sourced from the Open Secrets website.

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