The Michael Jordan of Democracy has banned Tik Tok and 58 other Chinese apps.

In 2019 the second most populous country in the world went to the polling booths. 911 million Indians were eligible to vote. Despite, mass poverty and deprivation, in large parts of that country, 67% of that number managed to discharge their right to vote. 7 rounds of voting. 5 weeks to complete and count the votes.

The national parliament of India has 543 seats. Not many – considering these 543 people represent over 1 billion human souls. To merely win a seat at this table of democracy, a near 1 million vote ante can be required.

In 2019, the Bharatiya Janata Party won over 300 of these seats. Narendra Modi is the leader of this party and the Prime Minister of India. He can lay claim to winning the largest expression of human democracy in the history of mankind.

In essence , Modi is the Michael Jordan of the democratic process.

Today, Michael Jordan banned 59 Chinese apps or apps affiliated with China from India’s phones and telecommunication devices. It marks a further escalation in tensions between the two largest populations on Earth.

Top of the banned list?

Tik Tok. Yes, your teenagers favorite app. You can check out the full list of banned apps below.

This isn’t merely a fit of pique by Narendra Modi. It exposes the lie other smaller democracies around the world have been avoiding. All Chinese Tech companies big and small are either directly controlled by the Chinese communist party or heavily influenced by them. To greater or lesser degrees, these apps are surveillance or espionage tools of the Chinese state. Modi’s decision today brings that truth out into the light of day.

Indian democracy, like all of our democracy experiments, isn’t perfect. If slavery is the original sin of the United States then the caste system of social order is the original sin of India. And indeed the people from these lower castes have historically experienced this as slavery. To address this almost 20% of the seats in the Indian system of government are dedicated to people from the lower castes or depressed classes.

I highlight this, merely to point out an understanding that India isn’t perfect. Far from it. But a democracy striving to get better and equalize the rights of all individuals is always preferable to a communist model that seeks to denude the rights of the individual and enslave the people as a whole. This is especially true of a communism with self-described ” Chinese characteristics “

Modi has taken the decision that Tik Tok is one of these characteristics.

As the United States struggles against enemies within its own gates, it has been left to India to stand almost alone to face the Chinese communist party. And I mean stand in a hardline fashion. Few others have the size to do it or fortitude.

It is almost a joy to behold how annoyed the Chinese Communist Party is regarding India’s defiance. Check out the Global Times or any of the other English language propaganda arms of President Xi, as they blatantly rage against the democracy machine that is Narendra Modi.

Now, let’s reverse into 2019 again, and to an NBA executive, that tweeted out a fairly innocuous but supportive statement in solidarity with the Hong Kong student protests. The L.A Lakers were in China at the time. Possibly on a humanitarian tour to stamp out organ harvesting. Yeah, probably not.

Anyway, the outrage and condemnation to the tweet were swift and merciless from the Chinese Communist Party. So much so that the face of the NBA LeBron James was called to weigh in on the matter. He was obviously disgruntled to have to do so. But this is what he came up with below.

“I think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others. And I believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen. Could have waited a week to send it.”

Perhaps, you know, turn a blind eye while we make our money kinda thing. He further followed up with this.

“I felt like with this particular situation, it was something that not only was I not informed enough about, I just felt like it was something that not only myself and my teammates or our organization had enough information to even talk about it at that point in time, and we still feel the same way.”

An uninformed Lebron James opinion obviously trumps informed opinion elsewhere. I wonder how all these people feel now. Hong Kong fell fully under the shadow of the Chinese Communist Party this week. As the National security law, those young Hong Kongers were out in the streets protesting about came to pass. Hong Kong has lost its autonomy.

This is not Lebron James’ fault. But it is exactly the attitude the West has taken to China and the CCP for the past 20 years. Look the other way. Nothing to see here. The fruits of that labor are now coming to pass for Hong Kong.

And India.

Fortunately though, All is not lost for India.

They have Michael Jordan with the buzzer shot.

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