While the Mob riots the Deplorables must Loot Votes.

Wearing her "Adorable Deplorable" tee, Deanne Payn, center, with Sheila Ponce, left, take part in a pro-President Donald Trump rally in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The women are retired Sheriff deputies. A scuffle later broke out between pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters. (Mindy Schauer/The Orange County Register via AP)

Vox Deporables – Number 1

Buckle up. It’s time to have a big boy and girl talk now. There’s a lot going on in the world, numerous distractions, some legitimate more illegitimate. You are smart enough to discern the wood from the trees with regard to all that good stuff.

Out there in the big bad world, many little boys and little girls are running hither and thither burning things down. The mob.

While the mob riots. The deplorables must step outside and loot votes.

According to the Pew Research Institute 83% of the current mob, which is still out there, is now non-black. Most are young, white, and live in a land far, far away. Far away to your left that is. But I am not here to talk about the mob, for this mob, like all mobs, will disappear. For a mob is not a coherent organism and genuflecting in front of one is certainly never the cure for what ails it.

But enough about mobs, I’m here to talk about us the deplorable ones. The coping class. And to have that big boy and girl talk.

As a deplorable, this won’t be your first big boy and girl talk. Unlike the mob, most probably, you’ve been having these talks since you were a little boy and girl. However, before we talk about where we hope to go, we must first admit where we currently stand.

We are losing.

The Washington Post published an article today questioning why Donald Trump is purposefully trying to lose the election. This comes after a series of polls show the Donald anything from 8 to 15 points behind Joe Biden in the most recent round of Presidential polling. The narrative is easy to understand. And it goes something like this. Trump is losing and Trump doesn’t like losing. So now Trump is not even trying. The final piece of this Washington Post narrative jigsaw is for you to stop trying. For you to give up.

Like many narratives over the last 4 years, it is a false one. But each false narrative only needs a few additional converts. Because the number of narratives in the last three months have been many and the minds inventing them are more plentiful still. The point to note is that it is absolutely working at the moment. Enough to win an election. To admit otherwise is to create another false narrative.

However, the cause is by no means lost. Not even close. But the time has come to roll up the sleeves and work for the win. Again. To save these morons running wild through the streets, setting the world on fire. To save them from themselves – as much as to save them from us or anyone else.

With that in mind let us proceed and get to work, mindful of where we actually are. Behind – but not by much.

Jason Miller has been drafted into the Trump campaign team as a senior adviser. Many of you will remember, he had a senior role as director of communications on the 2016 campaign team. Miller has spent the last 7 or 8 months as co-host of the excellent War Room podcast with Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam & Jack Maxey. And that is really where he has come to my attention. In a good way. Particularly, when he was covering the impeachment trial.

His analysis of modern media messaging and finding the hidden truths in mainstream media narratives and news cycles was fascinating to observe and digest. So I have watched with interest as he settled into his first weeks on the Trump 2020 team.

I have been a little disappointed I won’t lie. Although, whether that is really a fault of his or Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is a moot point. I suspect the latter. The Trump campaign messaging, in the last 48 hours, has been a full court press on Joe Biden’s obvious mental frailties. While this is necessary it should not be the central plank of the campaign at any time. In particular, though, one tweet has annoyed me sufficiently to sit down and write this article. It goes as follows.

It is really only the last line of the tweet, which in fairness, was a quote from a supporter that annoyed me.

” Tonight he looked like 2016 Donald Trump “

Allow me to let you and him into a little secret. 2016 Donald Trump will not win the 2020 Presidential election.

I had a quick look at the Hannity Interview that was the subject of such hyperbole. It was good, coherent but the messaging is old. It is in need of a major refresh. I fear the base is tuning out and it is not robust enough to win over new voters. Remember, It is not like there are no reasons to vote for Trump in 2020. There are plenty and at the heart of them are Strength and Action.

The future of the United States requires Strength, action and intestinal fortitude. Choppy seas are ahead and all around. For example, the stronger and more aggressive Trump deals with China the more he will be rewarded at the polls. The lines of attack need to be fresh and frequently expressed. If taking the fight to the Chinese Communist Party and the economic regeneration therein is not the northern star of this campaign Trump will lose. Plain and simple.

Trump was the first political leader to highlight the Chinese communist party as a major global threat. How true that turned out to be in hindsight. To capitalize on this he must immediately stop flip-flopping on his relationship with China. No more of this ” I have a great relationship with President Xi ” and forget the past wins of the China Trade tariffs. In short, forget any delicate diplomacy for the next 4 months. Publicly or Privately. They are actively trying to influence the election through any and all means possible.

Unfortunately, President Trump cannot run on the economy he had three months ago. And someone in his campaign needs to tell him to reframe how he is talking about it. It can be the background evidence for his vision for the next 4 years. But he needs to lay out a clear, simple vision. That’s all he needs to do. Every one and his mother knows that Biden is severely compromised. The people only require infrequent, targetted reminders. The electorate knows that a vote for Biden is a vote for his VP pick and shadowy figures from the far left that have hijacked the Democratic party. The worry, at the moment, is that many people are still siding with this coalition in the polls. The good news is that it will take very little to shift them back.

To do all this, a few bold action points are required. New action points. My sense is people love the idea of manufacturing returning to the USA from mainland China. Democrats are weak on China. In fact, the only thing they are strong on is that they are not Donald Trump. They need to be reminded with a bold vision and action why that is not a strength.

Setting out specifics on what the Trump economy Mark 2 will look like would be a great start. With the excellent Peter Navarro already on board this should not be a difficult task. It just needs to be organized, thought through, and messaged. Jason Miller is one of the best media messengers in the business.

This brings me back to Brad Parscale. I have nothing against him personally, but remember, we are having a big boy and girl talk now. The event in Tulsa was an unmitigated disaster. The visual of 20,000 in a stadium beats the non-visual of the 20 million watching on-line. Empty seats raise doubts. The mainstream media will amplify doubts by about 10,000%. The strategy below, on its own, is not a path to victory.

Twitter and Trump rallies were the twin Sequoia trees that provided the excitement, drama, and audience that delivered the 2016 election. Jack Dorsey, despite his tree-hugging credentials, is currently revving up his chainsaw to fell one of those giant redwoods. I’m sorry but Brad Parscale cannot afford another fuck up of Tulsa magnitude to occur again. Whether the reason was a bunch of Tik-Tok kids, BLM protesters or just plain and simple 11,000 people didn’t show up – It cannot happen again or he will need to exit the stage.

Take the rallies outdoors. Hell, call them Trump protests for all I care, but a major rethink is needed. 2016 was a walk in the park compared to 2020. In 2016, hubris prevented the left from taking the campaign seriously until it was too late. In 2020, the opposing forces are ready, visible, and supremely organized. They don’t mind breaking rules or laws. They don’t want a win. They seek an annihilation.

As a deplorable, you can help in many ways. Many of you are already thinking outside the box and highly motivated. The turn-out in the 2016 election was 61.4%. That means nearly 40% of the voting-age population didn’t vote.

There’s a saying that goes “Victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan” it springs to mind when I think about how the Leave campaign delivered Brexit in the UK in 2016. A guy by the name of Dominic Cummings was one of the many fathers of that victory. He figured out a way to target a particular slice of that 40% I mentioned above. The untapped electorate who never vote. The disenfranchised. The people who never show up in opinion polls. He found them and convinced many of a reason to vote.

I bet you can do that too.

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