The Mystery of President Trump “Liking” this Tweet. We investigate.

So what do we know. We know the enigma that is Q has taken a temporary sabbatical. Knowing my luck he’ll post the minute I hit publish on this article. But in the interim, a lot of you might have time on your hands, so maybe some of you, might outsource your attention elsewhere to help solve a riddle.

The riddle?

The President of the United States liking a Tweet.

As President he has only liked 5 or 6 tweets ever. All are now unliked. Of the latest, we know that in the early hours of Friday morning, July 10 2020, President Trump’s Twitter account “Liked” a very unusual tweet. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to make an assumption and go right ahead and believe that he had a sane reason for liking it. Or somebody close to him had.

Furthermore, I’m going to treat the tweet as if it were a clue to a crime. And explore it that way, and I am going to invite you to do the same. At the time of writing this article I do not know why he liked the tweet. But I would most certainly like to find out.

Fortunately the tweet in question has many avenues open to investigation and perhaps together we can make the connection – if I lay out all the different pieces of information.

I guess at this point we should take a look at the tweet below. Some of you will already have seen it I’m sure.

At first glance, it seems not to have a tonne of revelatory information but first glances are for click writers from the Daily Beast.

To this point, I have found 4 avenues of possibility. Perhaps you will find more.

  1. The owner of the account that published the tweet.
  2. Summer Walker the R&B artist referenced in the tweet.
  3. Two songs Let it Go and SWV.
  4. Ebony Haith the person in the video clip

The owner of the account

This could provide the clearest motive for liking the tweet. The account is a K pop account. K pop is a term that originates in South Korea and originally refers to their Pop music. K pop fans have evolved into something more over time though.

Today, it’s more a global teenage subculture of socially aware kids that are very active on social media. For example, owner of the account above has a Black Lives Matter mural as the background to their twitter profile.

K pop fans generally become active in the 12-14 age bracket. Many stick with it right into their mid 20s, as would seem to be the case, with the owner of the account that published the Tweet that the President liked.

Elements of the MSM credited K pop fanatics with organizing the mass disruption of President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago. It is rumored they ordered a large number of tickets to the event and that was one of the main reasons the venue was less than 50% full on the night.

It should be noted that the Trump campaign hastily cancelled a campaign rally in New Hampshire scheduled for tonight. The official reason – A violent storm due to hit the area.

I must confess, I’ve never heard of K pop until that stunt in Tulsa. What I have learned since is from the little bit of googling I’ve done to write this piece. So we have one motive.

However, the research has led to another possible motive. A darker one. Perhaps Trump or someone with access to his account, was sending a message to people unknown.

The biggest news of the last 10 days remains the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. Despite whatever other picture anyone is trying to paint in the media at the moment. My gut feeling is that whatever Ghislaine Maxwell knows and reveals will probably decide the Presidential election.

So, to find out that the average initiation age of these K-poppers into the culture is in that puberty phase sets off a red flag in my mind. Is there a link with Maxwell and Epstein?

The fact that the Mayor of Seoul, in South Korea committed suicide over an impending exposure for sexual abuse, in the same time frame, is at this point only a coincidence. But curious timing nonetheless. Questions abound.

Summer Walker referenced in the tweet

Summer Walker is a 24 year old R&B singer. A most interesting character indeed. The reference to “Stripper” in the tweet is a salute to one of Summer’s earlier, brief professions. The mainstream media latched on to this in their headlines for no other reason than to encourage article clicks. It does not seem to be relevant to me but I am open to having my mind changed. At this point, I doubt this is the reason for the Like.

What is relevant possibly, is that on the same day that Trump liked that tweet Summer Walker was releasing an album. Two of the tracks on the album are referenced in the liked tweet.

Let It Go and SWV.

I couldn’t find anything obvious in the Lyrics of these two songs that but perhaps you guys can. The first song referenced is Let it Go and the lyrics are below.

Let It Go

Look at what you’ve become (Become)
Matter fact, what you’ve been (Been)
I was just blind
I was just so in it (In it)
I was just so committed (‘Mitted)
No, I don’t regret it (‘Gret it)
‘Cause I learned what love is once I

Let it go, let it go, let it go (Oh-oh)
Let it go ’cause you’re doin’ too much and you just won’t let go
And I know it was you, and you tryna hold onto my attention
Won’t you let it go? Oh, ooh-oh
Let it go, let it go, let it go
Bae, yeah, ’cause you’re doin’ too much and you’re tryin’ too hard
Tryna get a reaction
I am a child of God (Ayy, yeah)
So I cannot be touched (Ah-ah)

[Verse 2]
When you have somethin’, you treat it good
And you want it bad and you need it
I don’t wanna be feelin’ dead, so I said that I was leavin’
I thought you would be real (Real)
I thought you would be right (Be right)
Talkin’ all of that tough shit, then you gon’ go and dial nine-one-one
I don’t know where they, where they do that at
Oh, yeah, where they, where they do that at?
I don’t know where, but all I really know is
All I really know is (Know is)

Let it go, let it go (Yeah)
Let it go, let it go
Oh-oh, ’cause you’re doin’ too much and you just won’t let go
And I know it was you and you tryna hold on out of spite

The second song is a duet with a male artist called No1-Noah. The urban language dictionary informs me that SMV stands for Sisters With Voices. One of the Interests I had in this strand of enquiry was to find out the Birth name of No1-Noah. I haven’t been able to figure it out as of yet.

The reason?

On July 4th a protester named Summer Taylor was killed in Seattle and another protester, Diaz Love, was very badly injured. Summer’s funeral was on Friday and like Summer Walker was 24 years of age.

Summer and about 100 others were protesting on and near a Seattle highway at the time of her death. The guy driving the car that killed Summer Taylor was one Dawit Kelete. He was driving a white Jaguar and according to eyewitness accounts had to swerve around barriers to get access to this part of the interstate. He was also driving in the wrong direction. The 27 year old was born in Eritrea and had been studying in Washington State University from 2011 to 2015.The video of this incident has been widely seen on social media and it’s quite horrific.

There is no obvious reason to link other than a shared name. Summer. I thought perhaps there maybe a link in the birth name of No1-Noah.

I’m stretching . I know.


Rich sex
Brand new
I’m feeling brand new
I like stunting on my friends, when I watch
And the doors come up like my legs
In the middle of the night on the gram
And I’m flexing for life
I know I be on some crazy shit
But I love to, love to feel so weak in the knees

Oh, like SWV
I love it raining on me
I love it when you touching on me
It’s like water, oh, no, don’t drown
Oh, like SWV
I like sexing in the backseat
I got seven days to make your knees weak
Get it right tonight, to make sure that you don’t leave me

You-you-you know
You wouldn’t leave me
You-you-you know
You wouldn’t leave me (Yeah)

What kind of love is it that you’re channeling? (Ooh)
I’m hurting, this her thing, she could have it
Obsessed with the pussy causing havoc
Am I the first one tonight to throw you backwards? (Ooh)
Spread your legs, grab your head till your back hurts
If all things are right then let’s do that first
You told me what he did and I know that hurts
And I know you love him, but I really need you closer
With my tongue inside and things get hot, closer
Ain’t far right now, pulling up to my spot like, closer
Touch you up and feeling your thighs like, closer
Once I give you this dick, I’ma ruin your life

Oh, like SWV
I like sexing in the backseat
I got seven days to make your knees weak
Get it right tonight, to make sure that you don’t leave me

One of the most interesting things I noticed yesterday was that Summer Walker did not try to use the publicity from President Trump’s tweet to promote the album.

No1 Noah mentioned it numerous times on his social media. Vaila, the owner of the twitter account has been inundated with media requests since it happened and has been responding to the interest on her platforms. Summer Walker has been curiously quiet or at least she was yesterday.

I should’ve mentioned earlier how unusual an artist Summer Walker seems to be. She doesn’t court publicity unduly. She does not entertain many interviews and in the one I did find she described herself as socially anxious. She has not been famous very long and sincerely expresses a longing for her old life and business. She is not referring to her short stint as a stripper I hasten to add.

Summer Walker had a small cleaning business and lovingly remembers the solitude of the enterprise. The world she finds herself in now must be quite an adjustment but now having listened to her singing, hers is a vocal talent that is undeniable. I don’t see her returning to her old life any time soon.

Walker’s views on the world are not that of your average 24 year old either. To give you an example, she most recently got into a little hot water for re-posting about corona-virus conspiracy theories. Suffice to say, she doesn’t seem to be a person that accepts narratives blindly.

The other point of interest is that she is signed to InterScope records. A label that has Eminem, Guns ‘n Roses and a host of other household names.

Ebony Haith the person in the video clip.

Ebony Haith was a contestant on the 1st season of America’s Next Top Model in 2003. Her’s seems to be the most tenuous link. Again, there is nothing to suggest that the President’s like was specific to the now 40 year old model/actress. America’s Next Top Model was a reality TV Juggernaut in it’s early years and was the creation of former Supermodel Tyra Banks.

Epstein and Maxwell though had a huge interest in the modelling world. Both were known associates of ¬†French modelling agent¬†Jean-Luc Brunel. Various publications have linked Brunel as a model scout for the Australian version of Australia’s Next Top model but for me that is far too loose a link to current events, a Epstein/Maxwell connection or specifically to the tweet in question. Undoubtedly though, accessing girls via the modelling world was one of the primary methods utilized by Epstein and Maxwell for grooming girls and young women through their connection to Brunel. They also had an interest in MC2 modelling agency in Miami with him. The Daily Mail have previously reported that Epstein invested $1 million dollars in funding this MC2 “talent scouting” enterprise.

So there you have it. That’s all I’ve got. Any thoughts on the subject and I would be much obliged and will probably add to this post in future!

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