The Wind that Shook the Australian Barley…..When will Ireland learn the damn lesson?

When will the lesson be learned? When will the lesson be learned?

How many more dictators must be wooed, appeased – good God, given immense privileges – before we learn?

You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth

Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill – The Darkest Hour

Oh, where to begin. Where to begin. Hmmm… maybe with a little Australian grit and Chinese spin.

Yesterday, the Chinese communist party dropped an 80% tariff on the import of Australian barley. A week earlier, the same regime attacked the Australian beef industry on some trumped-up charges of food safety.

The Australian health crimes I hear you ask ?

Good question. None really, except of course, that Oz Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has the curious but admirable temerity to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party and demand answers for the web of deceits coming out of Beijing regarding the coronavirus and CCP activities in Australia.

In the first instance, the relationship was damaged by the recent discovery that a number of Australian based, Chinese owned companies were completely re-engineered at the behest of the CCP in January. And turned into PPE procurement companies. The sole objective was to buy up as much PPE as these companies could lay their hands on.

In many of these cases, the Australian media argue, these same companies attempted to disguise their activities by attempting to avoid official customs channels when patriating the medical supplies from Australia to China. To avoid detection of what they were attempting to do. This obviously left the Australian public with a big PPE deficit and completely vulnerable if the outbreak took off in any meaningful way. Fortunately, that has not been the case to date. But they haven’t forgotten this and other CCP sleights of hand.

Outside of the United States, the Australian government has led the charge in calling for a rigorous, independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. 120 other countries are calling for much the same thing, I might add, but the Aussies have been the most fearlessly vocal on the subject. The Chinese embassy in Australia has been in open diplomatic warfare ever since.

It bears mentioning, that Australia is pretty much top of the class in terms of managing their exposure to the pandemic. As of today, the overall number of fatalities is just above 100 mark. They could easily choose not to engage in this fight with the Chinese communist party. Australia exports over 130 billion dollars worth of goods and services to China each year. Criticizing Beijing comes with potentially hazardous economic ramifications.

Instead, they have chosen to bite the hand that feeds them. To take the moral stance over the economic one takes no little courage. A 60 billion dollar a year trade surplus with China is nothing to be sniffed at. There’ll only be one winner in this particular Trade War – If one develops. Scott Morrison’s back will soon be to the wall if this path of resistance continues much longer.

It is now, that a flotilla of smaller, western democracies, like Ireland, need to stand up to vocally support them. To rescue them even. Akin to the small ships of Dunkirk crossing the English channel on a different late May’s day in a different century of an altogether different type of war. Live to fight another day. Anyone waiting for a coordinated EU response or leadership best get comfortable living in Vichy.

The Chinese Communist Party has but one tactic since the coronavirus tidal wave broke heavily on the shores of the western world but it is nonetheless a very good one.

Make the coronavirus pandemic a referendum on Trump and the US administration response and sweat it out until the November US presidential election. Joe Biden will be a lot more mouldable a President to deal with. Globalist interests will again hold sway. Crony capitalism can resume for the chosen few in the West while spreading authoritarian dictatorship in the East can continue aplomb.

Oh, how they’ll snigger at UN or WHO investigations as they quickly ensure the editing and rubber-stamping of any reports that any such inquiries will produce. It’ll look good on the front page of the English editions of China Daily or Xinhua News though.

Biden, openly boasts of his 25 hours of private, one on one conversations with President Xi. More individual time than any other western leader. The fact that Biden’s son, one Hunter Biden, has flown out of Beijing with his Dad, after one of Vice President Biden’s CCP visits on Airforce 2, weighed down with 1.5 billion in Chinese investment is a quirk of fate I’m sure.

If the Democratic Party is serious about this pandemic and the United States’ place in the world – they need to change their presidential candidate. It’s still not too late.

Meanwhile, President Xi knows, 50% of the United States public and 85% of the United States media are only too happy to encourage the current narrative and help it to play out. That is what makes the anomaly of the Australian stance so inconvenient for the Chinese communist party. Embarrassing. Rude even.

Whenever feasible, one should always try and eat the rude”

Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs.

The Irish radio station, Newstalk, in its infinite wisdom decided to give the Chinese ambassador to Ireland a platform to have a pop at the Trump administration this morning. In the past 24 hours, post the WHA meeting, Chinese ambassadors around the globe have been out in force, spewing Chinese communist party doctrine and happy talk. Broad generic promises.

Our dear leader in the Irish Chinese embassy was allowed to make extraordinary claims about CCP openness and transparency on Irish radio today. Unchallenged.

Citing the example of the 3 WHO reported cases of the ” unknown pneumonia ” on the 27th of December and championing the name of the doctor who reported them. The perfect segway for Newstalk to push back and ask about the terrible treatment of Dr. Li Wenliang.

Eh not quite….The Silence of a Lamb followed.

Dr. Li Wenliang, the martyr of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, was noticing the number and severity of these unknown pneumonia cases, in early December. On the 30th of December, he warned his medical colleagues on the Chinese social media platform We Chat. The arrival and quarantine of 7 people together in his hospital ward acting as the final trigger. These individuals contracted the disease from the now infamous seafood market.

Dr. Li Wenliang was arrested for his troubles and charged with spreading false rumors. He returned to work, contracted the virus in January and died in early February. His exoneration came post-mortem.

Question. If the Chinese communist party was being open and transparent to the world and their own people about the newly discovered virus on December 27th, Why was Dr. Wenliang arrested on December 30th and forced to sign a statement acknowledging his scaremongering?

Newstalk completed the Interview with the perfect tap-in goal opportunity. A Trump question. Instead of a hard-hitting, forensic questioning of the Chinese ambassador and CCP mishandling of the Coronavirus outbreak, what Newstalk produced was a thinly disguised opportunity for the CCP to attack Trump on Irish airwaves. So that media themselves can continue to attack Trump on Irish airwaves. Real stories and real inquiry are collateral damage.


Yesterday, the World Health Assembly was treated to a sermon from the communist mount by President Xi. He agreed to a theoretical independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. When the pandemic is over of course. I guess he’ll decide exactly when that will be.

It’s a bit like Hannibal Lecter agreeing to a house search after he’s emptied the dishwasher and flushed the toilet. At no stage did he agree to an independent examination of China’s biological weapons labs or indeed even agree that independent scientists would be allowed unrestricted access to other parts of the country. It’s merely breadcrumbs to keep the enemy from the gates until November. Conveniently, elections are for only the little people in Planet Xi.

The commitment from President Xi to the World Health Assembly was a much watered-down version, to the type of investigation that the Australian government was demanding. The Chinese embassy in Australia was very quick to remind their Australian counterparts of who the winners and losers were in a statement released yesterday.

“The draft resolution on COVID-19 to be adopted by the World Health Assembly is totally different from Australia’s proposal of an independent international review,” a spokesman told AAP.

“To claim the WHA’s resolution a vindication of Australia’s call is nothing but a joke.”

By nightfall, the Australian government had a new 80% tariff on Barley exports to contemplate. Australian opposition parties and politicians are starting to waver under the CCP onslaught. They could do with some friends explicitly joining their corner. Which brings me to our own Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney.

It is unfortunate that we have a weak Minister for Foreign Affairs at exactly the worst moment in our history.

Understandably, It has probably escaped your attention that Israel has finally managed to cobble a government together. The EU group for external action and cuckoldry was quickly out with a statement lecturing Israel and no doubt the Golan Heights was what they had in mind. Minister Coveney was fast out of the traps parroting the EU line on International law a number of times.

The irony of, oh now……let me see……just how many times the Chinese Communist Party have breached international laws, norms, waters, and decency in the last 6 months, without so much as a murmur from Simon Coveney, is so ” Yes Ministeresque ” in its hilarity – that not even the original BBC sitcom writers would have scripted it.

Not a word nor a tweet about the day’s truly global propaganda event at the World Health Assembly. Not a word of support to say the Australian embassy in Ireland and their government’s attempts to hold the Chinese communist party to account.

The latest Coveney episode follows on from his needlessly adversarial stance against the United States administration a month ago. The US suspended funding of the World Health Organisation and the following day Simon Coveney couldn’t resist the temptation to quadruple Irish funding of Dr. Tedros and this morally bankrupt institution.

It is not a prized attribute of a minister of Foreign Affairs that he has no instinctive talent for when to open his mouth and when to keep it damn shut.

In the meantime, the malign wind that shakes the barley and cows the world continues on unabated and uninterrupted.

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