Twitter launches a drone strike on Q-anon. Jack Dorsey will end up it’s biggest casualty.

It was only going to be a matter of time really. Q-anon is the most powerful and cohesive online lobby of Trump supporters on the internet. It is threatening to become mainstream like the Tea Party in 2010. So this morning, the disinformation superhighway is calling these people Far-right and dangerous. A most ridiculous claim.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, especially since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Q-anon hashtag has been consistently on fire and noticeably growing. If you are a leftist you might say – growing at an alarming rate.

Something had to be done. So Jack Dorsey commissioned a drone strike. No matter that 99% of Q-Anons are non-threatening. Still acceptable collateral damage in the social media giants war on the center-right. And it is a war on people in the middle curiously. Both left and right.

Damage or collateral damage is increasingly unimportant in the cyber politics of Twitter. Jack Dorsey refuses to see the damage his actions are causing and most hilariously thinks we don’t notice it either. He probably sees the reduced number of tweet impressions as success. Life is not the simple Dear Jack.

The CEO of Twitter has become worse than the most triggered of political activists. Since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, I have been waiting for Jack Dorsey to further drop the hammer on the online right. Predictable as clockwork is our Jack. And it is related.

I have no doubt that Maxwell has many tales to tell. Her’s will be the testimony that launches 1,000 investigations. No doubt, there will be culpability on both sides of the political aisle, but what is crystal clear is that the elites of the world are super compromised. And thanks to Donald Trump’s 3.5-year efforts, the global elites are all clearly lined up together on the left. All in plain sight.

No-one in the mainstream media pushes the Trump-Epstein narrative too hard. Sure they show the 20-year-old pictures, and articles are full of innuendo but there is no 5,000 word New York Times expose.

Why not?

There is none. The Russia Collusion hoax tells us if the FBI had anything on Trump it would be leaked all over the NYT and WP. Every day of the week. For once the mainstream media are more worried about what Trump and Attorney General Barr has on them rather than the other way round.

The Q-Anons are a constant reminder of this fact. Epstein, Maxwell, and trafficking have been a central plank of the Q posts for over 2.5 years. The media and Big Tech have been on the wrong side of the Epstein story for years. The last thing Jack Dorsey wants is ” by the second ” reminders from people on the correct side of it, and most especially when their numbers are growing. In an election year.

It doesn’t matter who Q is really. Whether he’s an intelligence asset buried deep in the government or merely an astute observer, the problem for Jack Dorsey is that these particular Q threads have struck very close to the bone of the global elites. Revealing these people is not a face-covering Jack Dorsey has any desire in unmasking.

It matters not a jot though. The tactic will not work – too many rational people have walked down this Epstein path. Too many obvious questions are answered with insults to our intelligence. Too many people are dying in plain sight.

Last night, Twitter announced that it was suspending 7,000 accounts permanently. As a newcomer to the Q phenom-en, I started following a few of the higher-profile Q accounts for information and background. All have found themselves banned. One account in particular – Praying Medic -illustrates the idiocy. It looks like he pre-empted the ban by de-activating his account.

What’s his sin?

His transgression is to give an analysis of each of the Q posts and link them back to previous Q posts on the subject. Just a dude who loves his God and has a talent for explaining things. He doesn’t offer strong opinions either way. Simply, he lays out the information as he sees it presented. His sin is making the Q posts easier to understand. Easier to decode.

His YouTube channel has 370,000 subscribers. At least half of the videos concern his faith and love of country.

Even if your opinion is that Q is a load of old codswallop, banning this account is akin to banning an account that is breaking-down Harry Potter novels. Ridiculous.

Dorsey has once again overplayed his hand. Playing up to his triggered left and far-left, blue-check supporters. Eventually, he will learn, he’s playing in a swamp that eats it’s own.

It is the lastest piece of evidence that underlines the left’s contempt for freedom of speech and freedom of thought. In the absence of a coherent argument, their most fervent advocates, further seek to reduce the dimensions of the box in which anyone’s intelligence can be applied.

By doing so, some highly intelligent and intellectual people, like Jack Dorsey, are making themselves dumber than the average person. Long-term this destroys them. Hell short-term this will destroy them.

Soon, their virtue box will be so small that people that would never have voted for Donald Trump are left with absolutely no choice but to vote for Donald Trump.

In the same Twitter announcement of the 7,000 suspensions, the Twitter Gestapo further revealed 150,000 other twitter accounts have had their privileges revoked and tweets suppressed, and that associated hashtags were also being targetted. No individual reasoning and no individual engagement – A blanket ban. Breathtaking arrogance. 150,000 sent to a virtual gulag with little to no reasoning. Stalin would love Twitter.

Even on a quiet news day, the Qanon hashtag was trending 9-10 tweets a minute. In the days after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest and then after her bail hearing, multiply that by a factor of 20 or more. Oh, what would Joe Biden do for such fervent support?

Today the Q-anon highway is quiet on Twitter. YouTube is scrubbing comments on Jeffrey Epstein that don’t fit a certain narrative. The dance of censorship continues and ratchets up another level.

Where will it all end?


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