UFC Denver: Fight Results and Summaries – ‘A Star is Born’ in Maycee Barber

UFC Fight Night 139 Official Card:  Saturday November 10th Denver, Colorado

Good Morning Folks,

All the official results below along with my fight summaries. 20 year old Maycee Barber took to the big stage like she was Macy Gray.  Defeating Hannah Cifers in devastating fashion. Cowboy Cerrone continues to defy doubters (myself included) with a spectacular arm-bar submission of Mike Perry in the co- main event.

Main Event was definitely fight of the night. I had the Korean Zombie up 3 to 1 when Yair Rodriguez landed that killer knockout.  Two fighters just went at it in the centre of the ring for the guts of 5 rounds. I reckon Yair Rodriguez’ nose was broken in round 3. A beautiful reverse elbow as Yair was rising up and the Zombie was coming in for the kill. ( seconds or so Left on the clock. fight of the year probably. fuck Scratch that definitely…




Main Event

Official Result: Yair Rodriguez def Chan Yung Sung Spectacular KO Round 5

Main Event Card

Official Result: Donald Cerrone def Mike Perry (Arm-bar)

Official Result: Germaine De Randamie Def Raquel Pennington (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Official Result: Beneil Dariush def Thiago Moises  (30-25, 30-25, 30-26) 

Official Result: Maycee Barber def Hannah Cifers by Brutal Shit kicking (TKO Rd 2)

Official Result: Mike Trizano def Luis Pena ( 30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Official Result: Ashley Yoder def Amanda Cooper (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Official Result: Bobby Moffett def Chas Skelly by Highway Banditry Round 2 (technical submission)

Official Result: 70’s Country boy(Gunther)murdered by 155 pound Octopus (Ramos)

Official Result: Devonte Smith 1st round K.O. of Julian Erosa 

Early Prelims

Official Result: Eric Shelton def. Joseph Morales split dec (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) (125)

Mark De La Rosa def Joby Sanchez (29-28, 28-29, 30-27) (135)


Live Fight Updates and Results:


De La Rosa Vs Sanchez (135) – Fight 1                                                                                       

First up Mark De la Rosa and Joby Sanchez……Loving the retro UFC graphics

Crazy fucking judging  – How one of the judges scored that fight 3- zip to De la Rosa I will Never Know

Mark De La Rosa def Joby Sanchez (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)



Morales Vs Shelton (125) – Fight 2                                                                                              

Morales walks out to ‘Tequila’ – Morales +600 in this one.

Rd 1 : I have Shelton winning the first round 10-9. Good Fight Good grappling.

Rd 2:  Nice Shelton takedown. Morales submission grappling is good though. interesting to see who the judges give this round to.

Rd 3:  Morales Has Shelton on the Ground. Needs to finish. Shelton back up, Flyweights magic fairy dust ability. Shelton’s Wrestling style winning the day methinks.Agile and strong. Shelton has him back on the Mat.

Shelton Wins it Handy on the cards. One judge drinking coolade.

Official Result:  Eric Shelton def. Joseph Morales via split decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Smith Vs Erosa (155) – Fight 3                                                                                                 

I’m going for the Grappler Erosa in this one. Coz thats how I fucking roll….Get it haha

Rd 1: 

As i was saying above I’m going for Smith..!!! lol….Damn near knocked the fucking ref out too…Smith has to be one to watch after that one..

‘I hit him with that bink bink and he went to sleep’ – Devonte Smith


Official Result: Devonte Smith 1st round K.O. of Julian Erosa.


Ramos vs Gunther (155) – Fight 4                                                                                                     

Up Next is the only man to have beaten Devonte Smith……John Gunther. To say he is a bit alternative looking is an understatement.

To Celebrate 25 years in the business the UFC are going Retro tonight. This their 455th event folks. Bruce Buffer looking his cool sexy self…Old school.


Rd 1:  Ramos All over Gunther’s back here.  Looking for a quick finish on the ground. Gets it in under 2 minutes. Wow…Just fucking Wow…. Rear Naked Choke….Ohhhh did i mention that Ramos is a 4 time world Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champ….Errrr…… I should have mentioned that earlier. Sorry. 


Official Result:  70’s Country boy murdered by 155 pound Octopus    


Skelly Vs Moffett (145) – Fight 5                                                                                               

Sounds like a fight aboard an Australian bound convict ship in 1823. No it’s the UFC Featherweight division. Here is the Retro Cage. While I go for a Marlboro Light break.

Retro UFC.jpg

Rd 1: Skelly Mounts Moffett’s back…Still there….. without unduly bothering young Moffett. Did i mention this is going on for almost 3 minutes…Ding Ding end of round. Mixed Martial Arts at it’s ehhhh….. finest….Who won that round….fucked if i know.

Rd 2: Bloody Hell. Ref stopped that way too early. Moffett wins. Moffett’s arm did look to be going limp but I didn’t see a tap. Was that a D’arce Choke or a choke my Arse. On the other hand in another 20 seconds Skelly could have been dead. We’ll never know now.



Official Result: Bobby Moffett def Chas Skelly by Highway Banditry Round 2 (technical submission)


Yoder Vs Cooper (115) – Fight 6                                                                                                                   

Last of the Prelims folks. Womens Straw-weight fight. These are two good looking females. These are the facts and I must report them.


Yoder is 0-3 in the UFC and the Las Vegas bookies have her a -160 Favorite.  Hmmmmmmm.

Rd 1:  All Stand up in the 1st round. Yoder looks to have longer reach. Power advantage with Cooper though. Cooper gets Yoder in the clinch around the 2 minute mark. from there to the ground in the top position. Yoder fights back end of the round. Good grappling exchanges. Slight edge to Cooper?

Rd 2: Yoder’s straight left is her best weapon on the feet. Cooper looks to be dominating with her strength in all the grappling though. Gets another takedown.

Rd 3: Wild 3rd round. Most of the round on the floor with both wild submission transitions. Yoder damn near choke out Cooper in the last 30 seconds. But Cooper held on. I give the round to Yoder but is it enough to win the fight?

It fucking is. Yoder wins on a split decision!

How the fucking judge that went against her gave cooper all three rounds is craaazzzy. I had Cooper winning 29-28.  Those Las Vegas bookies. Fight of the Night contender.

Official Result: Ashley Yoder def Amanda Cooper (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)



Trizano Vs Pena (155) – Fight 7                                                                                                         

Luis Pena by Submission is my pick in this one. I am basing this solely on his Lovely head of hair. Retro Night. Retro Hair. Has to be A winner. He is also 5-0….


Rd 1: Cagey opening 2 minutes. Pena has the longer reach without much power. Trizano using  leg kicks to good effect. Flying knee from Pena. Kimura attempt to end proceeding. Wild Bob for me. Good defence from Trizano though.

Rd 2: Slow start to the round. Pena nearly gets the rear naked choke but Trizano gets out. Not one bit flustered by Pena and his Daddy Long legs. Pena lacks Strength in my humble opinion. Had two good positions in that round but Trizano ends the round on top and lands a couple of nasty elbow on the ground. Again slight edge to Pena but He is starting to annoy me. Maybe it’s the red hair and the suntan. could be.

Rd 3: More of the same. Trizano a lot better in this round I give it to him. some good inside leg kicks all night. His striking is a lot heavier than Pena’s.

Hmmmmmm. I think Pena 2-1 but could be Trizano 2-1. He got stronger as the fight went on and defended on the ground very well. Off to see what those crazy judges think…

And yes they are still smoking something a little heavier than Marlboro Lights. All 3 score it 30-27 to Trizano. My oh My….Twitter warriors are not happy. Did I mention that Karen Bryant is looking radiant. Apologies remiss of me.

Khabib must be shitting himself…..Laughing

Official Result: Mike Trizano def Luis Pena ( 30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Barber vs Cifers (115) – Fight  8                                                                                                              

Maycee Barber is the Vegas Bookies -400 favorite in this one. They seem to be the only ones who know what is going on. Someone Just asked Dana white about the UFC Flyweight Division. Kevin McDonald is the Ref for this one.

Dana white


Rd 1:  Barber looks about 2 weight divisions bigger than Cifers. All action Stuff against the fence. Barber looks good with some great elbows. Maycee Barber is only 20 years old. looks really at home in there. Good striking. Good Grappling.  Takes round 1 handy. Cifers hanging on at the end of the round.

Rd 2: Barber going all out at the start of the round. Lovely leg kicks great striking.  Cifers face is a mess. They take it to the ground. Elbow after elbow. Shit this girl is a savage. Ref finally stops the slaughter. Cifers was brave as fuck there. Thought the ref could have stopped at least 20 seconds earlier.


She looks harmless enough until she starts elbowing the bejaysus of you. #FutureChamp #MayceeBarber

Maycee Barber vs Mackenzie Dern Wouldn’t that be a Dana White wet dream now surely. 

The two women’s fights have been the best fights so far.

Official Result: Maycee Barber def Hannah Cifers by Brutal Shit kicking (TKO Rd 2)


Dariush vs Moises (155) – Fight 9                                                                                                 

I know a lot about Dariush – for instance if you press the space-bar between the s and h – his name would be would be Darius H.  Also he is 155 lbs……..or at least he was yesterday. He hasn’t won a fight in over two years. Which obviously catapults you onto the main event card at Slot number 3?

After 3 hours and 10 minutes on here I have seen my first bottle of Proper no. 12 Whiskey of the night on Twitter. Not Bad….only the one Conor Mcgregor Diehard on twitter tonight Thank Fuck.


Rd 1: Darius gets Moises into ground and pound on two occasions. Pretty savage beating. Needs to improve lots in the next round.

Rd 2: Moises starts the round even worse than first. Dariush giving a masterclass in wrestling. However he misses out on a RNC opportunity that turns into a crank and Moises survives. Put that in your Whiskey and drink it Mr Mcgregor fan.

Rd 3: Exact replica of round 2. Moises gives up his back and Darius is all over it looking for the choke. Again struggles to get his arm beneath the chin and is cranking the shit out of Moises. Darius eventually loses back control but no danger of his losing the fight. Has to be 30-27’s all round in this one

Wow –  the judges had it even stronger in Dariush’s favor 30-25, 30-25, 30-26. In lay man’s terms two judges and 2 10-8 rounds and 1 judge had 1 10-8.

Dariush will be disappointed he didn’t get a finish after such a dominant performance. No Threat to the upper reaches of the lightweight division here.

Official Result: Beneil Dariush def Thiago Moises  (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)


Pennington vs De Randamie (135) – Fight 10

Looking forward to this one definitely. Pennington has the second most wins in UFC history and De-Randamie is on a 3 fight winning streak. The 4th ranked Bantam-weight meets the 4th ranked bantam-weight. Should be interesting.



Rd 1: A lot of clinching against the fence on the feet. I’m thinking Pennington won that round. My twitter feed violently disagrees. Turgid enough stuff.

Rd 2: Much better opening from De-Randamie and she finds her range with that long right hand of hers.  GDR looks comfortable keeping the distance with the odd flurry of left right combo. Not really hurting Pennington though. Pennington brings her to the clinch on the fence towards the end of the round. Good defence from GDR. Despite the Angry twitter mob I have it a close round again. GDR shading it.

Rd 3: All to play for in the final round. Pennington has a very obvious reach disadvantage and can’t get inside without getting clipped by the GDR jab. Nice left from Pennington mid way thru the round. GDR controlling things though. GDR fighting like she is the one winning. Not taking risks.Pennington gets inside and goes for the takedown. Great work by GDR to stay on her feet. against the fence. Pennington goes again for the hips. No Joy.

Boring Fight…Main card has not been as good as the prelims.

We go to the Judges again……and the Twitter Mob are correct…All three plump for 30-27 GDR

Official Result: Germaine De Randamie Def Raquel Pennington (30-27,30-27,30-27)


Cerrone vs Perry (170)                                                                                                                      

Cowboy needs a win big-time. Another loss could easily be the end of his career. He has just taken to many heavy defeats in the last two years. However he has also

Perry has had 11 KO’s in his career but I Mike Perry set’s up nicely for the Cowboy stylistically….Head says Perry and the Heart says Cowboy.

Rd 1: I am liking Cerrone’s haircut. He looks nice and pissed off. first two minutes all on the feet. An 18th Century General might call these Skirmishes. Perry executes a takedown. Holy Fuck Cowboy flips from his back. Fuck ! What a finish from Cowboy….Seriously an arm bar doesn’t do it justice. The last thirty seconds of that fight were amazing. First Perry and then Cowboy in seemingly controlling positions from the Deck. 

Wow….He’s back and he looked awesome folks…


Official Result: Donald Cerrone def Mike Perry (Arm-bar)



Chan Sung Jung vs Yair Rodriguez (145) – Fight 12                                                                                      

Interesting Match Up in the Headline act.  South Korean Chan Sung Yung is the Bookies favorite. Looks like a choirboy to me. Kevin McDonald with back as referee rocking the 50’s Back to the Future hairstyle. Yair Rodriguez is a tough opponent for the Korean Zombie and I fancy him to maybe pull off a shock here.


Rd 1: Hugely technical opening round. The Zombie as a freaky ability to remain calm and still in the centre of the ring. All stand up so far. Twitter says the Zombie.  for once i agree. Some nice technical punching and leg kicks, Yair has had a few moments himself.

Rd 2: Yair comes out strong in round 2. Zombie moves to take him into the clinch against the fence. Both fighters going for it. Zombie punches not landing as cleanly in this round. Rodriguez landing some good leg kicks and beautiful reverse elbow. Has classic written all over it this one. Can’t tell who won that round. 


Rd 3 :  Zombie’s jab is a killer. Yair spinning and kicking without landing cleanly. most of this fight is in the middle of the ring. Two fighter going at it. Zombie landing more fluidly in this round to my eyes. Fight of the night. Continues like this fight of the year. Yair comes back with some nice inside leg kicks towards the end of the round. It’s War. Zombie’s left jab connecting cleanly at will.

Rd 4 : Same as above round except more savage. Yair is some fucking animal for punishment.

Rd 5: Crowd going bananas. Yair smiling like a crazy fucking Wilderbeest. Fighters hug before the start of the round acknowledging the war they are in. Zombie just need to stay calm and stay out of range. I have him up 3-1.

Yair delivers savage headkick. Zombie replies with savage elbow.

9 Seconds left. Zombie Knocked out cold. Was the shot even Legal. Rodriguez Collapses to the canvas exhausted. Second showing reveals it was a beautiful reverse elbow…Oh my God what a finish. Zombie still doesn’t know what happened.

Judges cards prior to KO





Official Result: Yair Rodriguez def Chan Sung Yung  Spectacular KO Rd 5






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