UFC in 2017 – Terrible Year Continues with UFC215

Dana White was probably never destined to have hair. even if he had the flowing locks of Jennifer Anistion he would have it pulled out after the strange happenings in 2017. How many Main events have been wrecked at the last moment this year? In Particular how many PPV cards have been wrecked this year.

I’m thinking back to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Johnson right near the start of the year. Then we had Nunes vs Shevchenko earlier in the summer and of course now Demetrius Johnson and Ray Borg has been cancelled at almost the last moment in UFC215.

That these were PPV cards makes it all the worse. It makes the Revenue hit even bigger. Realistically how many people are going to Go out and buy a PPV Card that has just Nunes and Shevchenko on the Main Card. 100,000 maybe 150,000.

The only winning Event this year was the UFC214 –  Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier re-match which reliable sources tell me sold in the region of 850,000 PPV’s. And as we all know the killer with that event is Jon Jones almost immediately failed a USADA drugs test taken on the day of the weigh-in. The drug in question is a type of anabolic steroid called Turinabol. At this moment in time we are still awaiting the results of Jones B sample to see if they match up with the positive reading of his A sample.

Here’s is a question. Where an athlete is tested and proven to have failed a drugs test like this during a fight camp or fight week should the UFC be obliged to re-imburse the PPV buyer?

To be honest I have some sympathy for the UFC in this regard. I think as a whole they are trying to clean up the sport and have had some pretty good success. Now that USADA are involved it was like a general amnesty was put in place of what went on in the past with the sport trying to move forward.

Unlike a lot of other sports I think that MMA is comfortable with its drugs past. To a degree it’s never really tried to hide it. And though it might sound odd to say this it may be the reason it has more success in cleaning up the sport.

A lot of the athletes are comfortable talking about it and as such there isn’t the same stigma attached to it as there is with other sports. You do your crime. You do your time and you come back. The more guys like Chael Sonnen speak about what they did and how they did it and what to look out for the more kind of hopeful i am about the whole drugs question in MMA

However with Jones this is his second ban (if the B sample confirms what’s in the A sample) and  as such i don’t see a way back for him if that is what happens. People are tired of giving him chances and I think rightly so.

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