UFC208 – There’s only one King of PPV

conor-mcgregorIt’s funny. My original reaction on the night to the Holly Holm – DeRanamie fight was that DeRandamie just about shaded it. On second viewing and on mature reflection i think i must have been on drugs to have thought this. Holly was robbed pure and simple. The referee was diabolical. You can understand a shot landing after the bell if it’s the last of a combination, but in this instance it was a one shot punch thrown after the bell. It visibly wobbled Holly Holm and it was to that point the hardest landed punch of the fight.

Let’s be clear though – Holly didn’t help herself in this fight and certainly didn’t perform to the heights we have seen her produce in the past. It was a real mess of a fight all told.

How the Referee didn’t award a one point deduction after the second late punch after the bell of the 4th was incredible. Normally i would give the fighter the benefit of the doubt on the 1st offence but on this occasion the punch was so late, so blatantly non-accidental and cynical i thought he should have awarded the point deduction. Then to turn around and not award it after DeRandamie did it again in the very next round was just terrible, terrible, refereeing. Plain and simple.

So the inaugural Featherweight champ is already mired in controversy and i think the correct course of action would be to award a re-match. Although there is no way these two will co-head a main event PPV again. The fight was sloppy and people won’t pay hard earned cash to watch it on PPV.

Anderson Silva got back to winning on a decision and it was good to see. However as stated before he is shadow of his former self and he really should retire gracefully now. The media is giving a lot of air-time to his comments about a fight with Conor Mcgregor. I would read this as Silva looking for one last mega pay day. I also believe Conor would Merc him – quickly. It would be a shame to see a great champion like Andersen Silva beaten this way. In any event i don’t think Conor Mcgregor would be in any way motivated to fight him.

The curiosity in recent weeks has been the number of fighters looking to jostle for position to try and get him. They all know it’s the Golden Parachute. Conor as always is about 6 steps ahead of them and laughing all the way to the bank. I believe Conor’s next UFC fight will be against Khabib Nurmagemedov. I actually think that Conor will step into the Octagon alot sooner than people are expecting and that may well be before he fights Floyd Mayweather.

I think his play will be to get Floyd signed sealed and delivered on paper for an end of year superfight and possibly return to the Octagon before that fight. So win, lose or draw that fight – he’s onto the Floyd fight. You’ll take it from the above that i think Khabib will beat Tony Ferguson – which is true. A convincing defeat of Ferguson would truly set-up a mega Fight with Mcgregor and that is a fight that will draw blood and PPV records aplenty.

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