Varadkar blocks Emergency Legislation outlawing public displays of 6 packs.

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has plunged his minority government into crisis over the festive holidays. A Fianna Fail motion banning the public display of 6 packs during the the upcoming election campaign has been met by stiff resistance by the Fine Gael Leader and Taoiseach – Leo Varadkar.

Varadkar launched his party’s general election campaign on Christmas Day at Sandy Cove’s, 40 foot with partner Matt Barrett.


Mr Varadkar was delighted with the launch and suggested that Matt may well appear at more campaign stops with him during the election cycle. He didn’t comment as to whether Matt will be forced to appear shirtless for the entirety of the election campaign.

Meanwhile,  Michael Martin has called an emergency meeting with Davy Fitzgerald and producers of ‘Ireland’s Fittest Political Party’

Davy has been instated as Fianna Fail’s chief election strategist and is spending the festive period overseeing the sit-up regimes of Fianna Fail TDs  Timmy Dooley and Willie O’Dea. It is expected that the program will be rolled out nationwide to party members in early January.

The Starting Gun is off – on Election 2020.

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