Attack on Tucker Carlson, like all media attacks, is really Attack on Donald Trump

Almost every single tweet headline from the Washington Post, in the past 24 hours, was a hand grenade lobbed onto Republicans, Donald Trump and the 2020 Presidential election. No surprise there I hear you cry.

But today I’m going to examine a few of the kinda innocuous headlines rather than just mutter through them as they sail through my timeline. And show you how subliminally, even seemingly non-related headlines are still all about the election.

First up though, I should say that it is very useful to keep your eyes on what content the big 6 media houses are producing on any given day. It’s informative once you know how to dissect it. So on a day like today when there is no major new narrative to beat the Trump administration over the head with, they revert to carpet-bombing them with a few old favorites.

They’re laying down some heavy ordnance today, even more so than usual. But bear in mind Ghislaine Maxwell is appearing in court tomorrow so the panic in Washington is quite real. At any moment, what she is talking to Federal authorities about, may start leaking out into the press. From what I am hearing, at least two major Democratic figures, are going to be named but these names haven’t previously made headlines. Scary stuff if your a liberal.

Anyway, back to today’s project, and spotting if you have a burgeoning Washington Post reporter eating at your breakfast table. Unfortunately, you need to be on the look-out for potential sociopathic tendencies and to that end, it’s all about how they lie.

Now we all lie. I do and you do. Some more than others granted. But for the purpose of this exercise and as most of my readers seem to have a family and kids, I’ll take the example of how a kid or kids might commonly lie to a parent to illustrate the point.

Now say you leave a plate of 4 cookies on the kitchen table and then walk into another room for 5 minutes. But before you exit, you might leave an instruction not to eat the cookies until their brother or sister comes down to share the cookies.

Maybe like me, you have a kid that can be a touch impatient, And oh boy those cookies sure are tempting.

Now say you unexpectedly return to the kitchen and see an empty plate of cookies and no sign of any other sibling(s). You might say to your son or daughter something along the lines of:

” Hey kiddo you ate all the cookies before your brother came down !”

The child might respond something like this:

” ehhhh…. I think I only ate 3 of the cookies”

Of course, the response has the implicit admission that he/she didn’t follow the main instruction to wait before devouring the cookies, but without the embarrassment of having to say that bit out loud.

Instead they quickly move to attempt to make an explicit admission to the part of the ” crime ” they are more comfortable with – the cookie munching.


Well implicitly, by putting cookies on the table you were inviting them to at some stage eat them or some of them. Cookie eating in itself wasn’t the ” big crime “. The timing was. Eating all of them was.

The point is lying is stressful, and kids are smart. So you might say they are economical liars.

Now, If your rearing a child that has the ability and intellect to write for the Washington Post this is how they might answer the Cookie question.

” Hey Kiddo you ate all the cookies before your brother came down “

This child might respond something like this:

” Sit down Dad. I need to tell you something

Now look in my eyes Dad. I promise you I didn’t eat the cookies.

Actually...You ate all the cookies”

To work at the Washington Post you must answer the question that way. Because Washington Post reporters don’t lie – You do.

That brings neatly to today’s headlines. So without further adieu let’s take a look at some of them.

Number #1

Ahem… you mean the still widely and unmercifully mocked Never Trumpers?

The leader of this band of eunuch warriors is Kellyanne Conway’s husband. George Conway. Kellyanne is one of President Trump’s closest and longest standing White House advisors. One of his staunchest defenders for the past 5 years.

George can’t convince his own family about the Never Trumper position never mind create a campaign of sudden force . The only reason these Humpty Trumpties have any weight or any force behind them at all is because of their temporary pact with the Washington Post and New York Times and access to their platform. The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. These alliances never end well.

One thing is for sure, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election.

All the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put the Humpty Trumpties back together again on November 4th.

It’s about the election stupid!

Number #2

In the absence of genuine Republican Senate leadership in the last two months, the conservative movement have looked to Tucker Carlson for solace. As a result, Tucker Carlson is the number 1 target for the mainstream media. They have more researchers digging into his staff than they do on Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign or indeed into the Chinese Communist Party infiltration of US academia through the Thousand Talents program.

His show Tucker Carlson Tonight has been averaging over 4 million viewers a night for the last 3 months and is the highest rated show on cables news at the moment.

Cancel culture has spent most of June trying to force advertisers to abandon his show. They have had some success in this endeavor. Fortunately, Fox News have stood firm to date. July has seen a change of tactic to charges of racism and White Supremacy.

5 years ago, Tucker Carlson’s nightly monologues would have been considered kinda boring and obvious. Freedom of Speech, Equality for all and eh….it’s not a good idea to allow rioting and looting of small businesses all around the country. Today, that kind of chat is considered revolutionary and apparently needs to be stopped at all costs.

It’s about the election stupid!

Number #3

One of the largest unions of pediatric doctors and other health care workers think it’s a good idea for Kids to go back to school in September. The US education secretary agrees with them. Queue mass hysteria.

Journalists and media physicians think it won’t be safe to go back to school or work until after November 3rd 2020. The coronavirus has a one way ticket booked – back to China on Jeffrey Epstein’s idle jet – but only if Joe Biden gets elected.

It’s about the election stupid!

Number #4

My personal favorite, and brings me back to my little analogy at the beginning of this piece. When I read this my bodily organs got a warm, fuzzy feeling to be stolen by the Chinese Communist Party and sold to the highest bidder.

I keep forgetting that Tik-Tok are like characters in a Mills & Boon romance novel.

  • It doesn’t send data directly to China
  • It says is stored in US and Singapore.
  • It Promises ” We have not and would not give it to the Chinese government”

Of course that last point is 100% correct. You don’t “give” to the Chinese Communist party – They Take. Since 2016 (date ring any bell?), the China Daily has paid over $19 million dollars to advertise their “News ” in the 4 or 5 biggest and most reputable news outlets in the United States.

Like the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Some might call that actual propaganda but I’m sure like the above tweet it’s all painstakingly fact checked by some tech dude on twitter. Or by the Chinese embassy or Foreign office. 100% legitimate I’m sure.

Before I go, just to give the owners of the China Daily their full title. It’s the Publicity department of the Chinese Communist Party. Go look it up if you don’t believe me.

And what else do the publicity department get for their money?

Well that’s pretty simple. As the last crumbs fall out of their mouth they get to point at the empty plate.

And scold you again for eating all the cookies.

(It’s about the election stupid)

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